May Silver Shield Report

The May Silver Shield Report is up with 10 new audios covering everything that happened this month.

We also have a pre-sale on TWO Silver Shield Members Only Coins.  We will only produce what is sold during this pre-sale, so be prepared for the lowest minatge of the series.

Members can login to the Silver Shield Group member’s forum for the report.

2 comments to May Silver Shield Report

  • Deryl Johnson

    I want two of the silver specials Chris. You could sign one if You don’t have writer’s cramp. Your Friend, Deryl

  • bob wood

    For those of you who are so interested in history financial and otherwise I leave you this. ” The one inescapable universal absolute truth is that from 6000 years of recorded history man will simply never admit that he is incapable of self government “. Every new generation produces a new crop of idealist who have the answers that all the previous crops failed to see or understand. Isn’t that amazing. I do agree that there are those few us who are getting the umbrellas ready for the coming rain but folks the problems are in the heart of man and nothing short of a spiritual rebirth from God through Christ will cure that problem . By the way that solution takes care of both time and space and all eternity. Now that is what I call a real and lasting solution to THE problem.

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