THEY Want YOU!!!

This is perhaps my most important video I have ever done.
Here is the formula to all of human misery.

Once this is consciously recognized, we will break the generations of debt and death.

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7 comments to THEY Want YOU!!!

  • kip caven

    Great video and Congratulations to the success of Silver Shield!

  • john anderson

    Thanks for all you have done in the interest of educating others. I am one who has benefited greatly from your sbss and sola series. In an attempt to inform others of the “greatest truth never told” and as a taxi driver just outside Detroit I have given out free approximately 200 sbss copper rounds along with the names of a few choice documentaries and websites to those that seem open to learning. It seems the least I can do.
    Thanks for your selfless efforts Chris.

  • Anon

    EXCELLENT! video, Mr. Duane. I’d also HIGHLY recommend, that everyone read the following book, that came out in 1972! – NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen. It’s the book that awakened Alex Jones.

  • Ron

    Hi Chris;

    Interesting summary of what you have told us in your academy. Have you caught any of the Jim Garrow (X CIA operative in China) yet? You can read a summary of Dave Hodges interview of him at However if you want to see them all it is most efficient to BING “Jim Garrow” and look for the heading “Jim Garrow Videos” where they will all be tiled for you. These are important especially if you haven’t looked into the 2011 east cost earthquake which Putin has called a nuclear detonation rather than a seismic event.

    My interpretation of the information: We are already in a civil war it’s just that the shooting hasn’t started yet ! Obama is a Muslim Marxist Traitor who was born in Kenya and isn’t even a legal citizen, cares nothing about America or it’s citizens and is only carrying out his orders from the elite above and bowing to the pressures of China due to our enormous debt owed to them.

    Please folks check it out ! Obama ordered an EMP strike against America that would have killed 300 million Americans but was foiled by the military leaders who were unwilling to carry it out.

    We are at war with the element that has taken over our government !


  • John Phillips

    Thanks Chris for this video.The power of this video made me cry, as I know the sacrifices military men and women go threw.I also gotvery mad at the same time .wow what a roller coster ….. Your best yet.Opened my eyes a bit more

  • Anon

    Great video! The 545 in the District of Criminals are the KEY to the entire mess we are in. AND THEY CAN BE REPLACED. With people who will uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and everything that made this country the preeminent Nation in the world. We can make America great again, but we can ONLY do it, by becoming a Nation of Self-Reliant people, by ENDING the “Fed” and reducing Federal government to the size needed for it to simply carry out its prescribed LIMITED FUNCTIONS as assigned by the Founders. The 545 in the D.C. need to be reminded that they are our PUBLIC SERVANTS. And the public needs to hang some bankers.

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