Why hasn’t economic collapse happened yet?

4 comments to Why hasn’t economic collapse happened yet?

  • Sunshine49

    Don’t rush it — I haven’t got my prepper home ready yet!

  • Anon

    133 G77 Nations Vow to Destroy “America’s” New World Order

    Why is the above article important? Because once these 133 G77 Nations (BRICS, and NAM = Non-Aligned Movement Countries) stop doing trades in USD, those USD/FRN’s will come flooding back into the U.S., reducing the value of said USD/FRN’s. THAT is what will bring the U.S. economy to its KNEES.

    Americans had better WAKE UP to the “Shadow Government” that runs this country, before the collapse of the economy. If they don’t – they’ll have a much more difficult time understanding what is going on…while the 1% attempt to con them even further, and attempt to completely enslave them. I mean, if the rest of the world won’t SUBSIDIZE the 1% of the West – they’ll still expect AMERICANS to do it – just as we did in 2008, with the Banker Bailout. “They” PRODUCE NO PRODUCT OR SERVICE OF ANY VALUE TO HUMANITY – JUST DEBT – MORE AND MORE “DEBT” – that we, Americans, supposedly “owe” them, for generations to come. We are subsidizing their corporations, and therefore their private real estate holdings, their mansions, their yachts, etc.

    • Anon

      But, hey, don’t they look fantastic, and oh-so “official”, in their freshly dry-cleaned suits, ties, or skirts?, while they pass further legislation to further enslave us?

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