June Silver Shield Report Is Posted

Competition is Sin - PROOF - 3D

Update 1: We blew through the entire allocation of Competition Is A Sin in 2 days.

This Monday is the last day for Silver Shield Group to order this coin.

This was one of the most spectacular months in human history and yet the ‘Merica was blinded by Donald Sterling and a spoiled brat shooter.   I will go over all of the stunning development and implications as we continue to walk this path, wide awake.  We have 9 brand new Audios and much more inside the Silver Shield Group Forum.

I will also be releasing Competition is a Sin, the first in a four part silver series called The Rise and Fall of the Bankster.  These proof coins will only be available to the Silver Shield Group Members for 2 weeks and will no doubt be a very limited mintage and interesting series.

Silver Shield Group Members can login for the June Silver Shield Report here.

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