Be Your Own Central Bank – Hacking at the Root

By Rory from The Daily Coin

“You’re that little guy at the root of that bad, ugly tree with the little hatchet and every time you take a dollar out of the system, by not using it. By using something else wether it’s a barter transaction, wether it’s a trade with your neighbor, wether it’s sending Dale silver and you take your visa card and you go and buy your gasoline with your silver. Every time you do that, you’re hacking at the root of that ugly beast!” ~Will Lehr

Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets discusses how you can take physical delivery of precious metals, 30 round magazines and even real estate to fund your IRA LLC. That’s right, your physical gold, silver and/or platinum, at home or stored in a place of your choosing without penalties, taxes or fear of having your assets MyRA’d. Perpetual Assets represents a key factor in breaking away from the system and taking a few of the debt based petrodollars out as well.

This is another step you can take to help break the system. Can we break effectively destroy the dollar by simply transferring our 401k or IRA to a retirement LLC account? Of course not. However, we are doing our part and every swing of the hatchet is another blow to the system. What also happens is the security of your family is greatly increased. With a major portion of your wealth, and your future, out of the way of the thieving, bankrupt federal government, control of your life begins to return. You may not see it right away, but over time, I believe your sense of well being will transform at every level of daily life.

Mr. Lehr does a great job of “keeping it simple” and explaining a lot of the details on how it works, what you have to do, the types of investments you allowed to make–and equally as important–the investments you are NOT allowed to make. “Check book control”, as you will learn, is a key element in taking control of your assets. If you have an old 401k or an IRA that is in harms way (with one of the too big to jail mafia organizations) you should consider taking control of these assets before the government doesn’t knock on the door, but is happy to tell you…”I’m from the government, I’m here to help.”

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