Operation: Silver Bull Run June 23rd-June 27th


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  • PD Rhodes

    Good morning:
    tried to get hold of you previously: no luck.
    I live in Richland, Washington.
    Like your vids/info.
    Wanted to buy some examples of your silver/the 1/10 oz.
    Never did get a number I can call(?)
    Got a list of places.
    No phone numbers.
    Can I get that info?
    Thanx for a response.
    Richland, Washington
    Ret Mech Field Engr
    Nam Navy Vet 1964-65.

  • Po Rich

    How would buying physical silver retail affect any outcomes in the paper market,
    which generally doesn’t stand for delivery to any great extent?
    Nice to buy silver though anyway!

  • willy

    Please explain how buying physical silver will “squeeze the paper traders”? I could buy millions of ounces of physical and there would be no impact on the paper price.

  • Nate

    I’ve been a major silver collector for years. I buy bullion, bars, collectables, sterling, etc. Silver is a perfect hedge against the fiat currency called the US dollar. Mathematically, with a national debt of 17 trillion, each American citizen owes over half a million dollars before they are born. That doesn’t include the trillions of unreported debt in the stock market, the bond market, or wherever the government is hiding their newly printed money. Buying silver in the $20/ounce range is a given. However, don’t limit yourself to only coins. There are many deals to be had through estate sales. I recently purchased a 975g sterling silver platter below scrap value.
    The great thing about collecting silver is that you won’t be tempted to sell it until you realize a profit. Eventually a day will come when silver reaches historical highs like the run up of 2011. It’s going to happen sooner than you think and it will be based on the real value of an over supressed precious metal. I’m stacking!

  • jim

    PD Rhodes I too live in Richland WA (small world) and have been buying coins from chris since he started. I order from silverdoctors.com and in fact am waiting on a order to arrive shortly. They are a very reliable website.

  • Michael Stewart

    Chris, your deal on the Silver Bulls is spectacular. Definitely a better deal than the recycled uber-generic OPM rounds that are selling at the same price. I’ve started a contest on the forums to see who else is paying attention to this flash sale. I encourage everyone reading the DTOM blog to participate as well, I’m going to see

    a) How many total ounces of Silver Bulls I can accumulate between the 23rd to the 27th, as well as…

    b) What the lowest possible spot price I can buy them at will be.

    The real winners will be the folks who participate, because they will be the ones holding real, tangible wealth with allodial title.

  • Ron

    Have you set anything up with any retailers in CANADA yet?

  • David

    Since I am a Silver Shield member I would appreciate my comments being posted rather than “awaiting moderation” and then not posting them at all.

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