A Precious Metals’ IRA – Where YOU hold the metal!

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Many precious metals investors like the idea of using an Individual Retirement Account as means to save in precious metals. However, many are reluctant to do so because their metal is being held by someone else.

What if I told you that you could fund an IRA with precious metals and keep them at home?

The IRA LLC is a treasure to the precious metals community and few even know it exists. The structure allows the individual to take physical, at-home, possession of Gold and Silver Eagle Coins with IRA funds and it is not a taxable distribution. The metal does not have to be held at a depository and can be purchased from the dealer of your choice.

For those that have considered cashing out their IRAs or 401ks thus paying taxes and penalties, this can be a much cheaper alternative to physically holding precious metals.

It is also important to know the structure has been challenged and upheld in court numerous times, and the IRS ultimately released a field advisory statement in April 2001 stating it would no longer challenge the legitimacy of the IRA LLC structure.

Perhaps the little known nature of this concept is a good thing. Even most experts in the field of precious metals don’t know about it. Most hard money advocates hear the words IRA and metals and immediately assume involvement of a third party storage trustee. We have been conditioned to believe that we cannot hold our IRA assets, that we are not in control and that we must rely on brokers, bankers, and storage depositories. This is not true.

The Investment Alternatives

Taking ‘possession of metals is not the only purpose for the IRA LLC, this structure affords the most open investment platform in the retirement industry. Clients are no longer limited to a blanket of mutual funds. Some alternative investments include private placements, stock in companies, oil and gas leases, energy contracts, real estate, investments, loans, currencies, and more.

This platform has its pros and cons as any other. Upfront cost is roughly $2000 to have an attorney or professional facilitator set one of these up, and the proper setup is crucial. Involved are numerous legal documents, affidavits, and compliance requirements that must be met.

However, once setup the flexibility is incredible and the ongoing fee structure is very low, typically $100 to $200 per year. Within the structure the LLC acts as an investment company that is managed by the individual, whom is also the beneficiary of the IRA. As long as there are no prohibited transactions the investor can invest in literally anything except collectibles and life insurance contracts.

If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it…

Albeit a cliché phrase, it holds true today more than ever. It also holds true to the precious metals industry as much as any other. Need we remember MF Global or German gold repatriation? These recent events bring awareness to the cloudiness of title in the precious metals storage industry.

The question is not if an ever-increasing bankrupt government will bail in retirement accounts; it is rather when. Many argue the lowest hanging fruit in the private pension industry are the government employee pensions. That is likely true. If so, then the highest fruit, or most difficult to access, is self-directed IRAs, and furthermore IRA LLCs.

The IRA LLC offers segregation and protection in numerous regards. It provides the ability to physically store gold and silver that is owned by your IRA, or like account. It also adds a layer of separation from banks, brokers, and thieves. You literally remove your assets from the brokerage and banking systems. Take your retirement into your own hands literally and enjoy full protection!

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