The Silver Divergent Signal Flashes

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  • David

    A difference is the real war on PM prices came after the 4th divergence which was right before the 2011 peak, when TPTB realized they were getting out of hand priced in dollars. Since then the HFT computer tactics have taken on a new level of sophistication…and those that manipulate are more dedicated not to let that happen.

    If PM’s break out now it is because the manipulative entities can no longer maintain their control like they have since 2011. I don’t think we are there yet. That is not what the concentrated short positions indicate.

    That said whether one wants to call PM purchases an investment, inflation hedge, currency crisis insurance, or something else [I’ll just call it savings], I can’t think of a better way to save as they really can’t go much lower, and the upside is huge…whether 1 month or five years from now.

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