Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trademark Victory

Thank you for all those that stood behind me and I hope this shows who was right all along.

The designs, the warnings of fraud, the eventual $3.4 million bankruptcy, and now the trademark rights to the brand.

I was right on all counts.

Throughout the entire time, I sought to protect those that followed me from the beginning, regardless of my personal financial and reputation loss.

Through my pressure, every original SBSS customer prior to my April 17th 2013 exposure, got their silver.

Not everyone was as fortunate.

I tried to warn those that that followed others into the trap.

They were not so lucky, as I have spoken to many that lost hundreds of thousands to millions in the bankruptcy.

It is awful to think of all those that actively sought to destroy my ideas and my reputation, but I have come out stronger and more focused.

I am fortunate to see who my real friends are now while the lights are still on versus those that would stab me in the back when the lights do go out.

I hope this puts a definitive end to this sad drama.

I will push forward with what I believe in, whether it is popular or not.

Thank you,


11 comments to Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trademark Victory

  • NIX


  • Michael Stewart

    Glad to see that you got back what was rightfully yours to begin with, I’m looking forward to your silver bank idea, it’s sure to blow “Free Lakota” out of the water!

  • Matt v

    Congrats! Keep telling the truth and truth will set all records straight in the end. Never doubted you. I was one that was lucky to get all my coins. But that was because I was calling twice a day to lite a fire under there butts to get them.

  • Kyle

    Great job Chris, congratulations! I never doubted you and thanks for letting us know early about the Free Lakota scam!:)

  • Michael

    “whether it is popular or not” Love that phrase. Might put it on a T shirt. I will have to try to work out the Latin translation.

  • Matt v

    Hey, Chris

    By the way! good call on Heidi Wasweet great skill. I find it interesting that everyone wants her work now. You found a great choice.

  • So what did It cost to feel better? Sounds like it was worth it to you. Is the person who did this breathing or living outside a jail cell? Nice to know a paper from men in black dresses can be called a victory. So is the system working or broken and are you following none but listening to all?

    What comes from you next will be telling I imagine.

  • Canadian dirtlump

    Congrats Chris. Anyone who hasn’t seen it should go to and see rob gray’s videotaped deposition. He is clearly a scam artist top to bottom.

    I was disgusted to hear that lard ass Joke Crisco ( aka jack spirko ) recently talk about the mulligan mint and again blame everything on Chris while conveniently forgetting to mention that his boyfriend Rob GRay is a dyed in the wool criminal and scam artist.

    Hey Jack is it Chris’s fault that every business dealing rob had was set up in a nebulous borderline illegal and certainly unethical way? I thought not. He’ll look good in orange and you can go visit him with some home grown herbs and spices. If you’re lucky a conjugal visit may be in order.

  • David

    Particularly since I am a paying Silver Shield Group member, why do I get a message that my comments are “awaiting moderation” when I post on this web site?

    I posted yesterday and it never appeared. I do not use obscenities, character slanders, etc.

    Who moderates this, if anyone?

    Now this message could just post and make me look like I am crying wolf, but it has happened at least two other times in addition to yesterday.

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