Money Market Accounts Will Be Frozen – SEC

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SEC announces Money Market Bail In – Interview with Bix Weir of Road To Roota. Silver and the Approaching Endgame, Perpetual Assets interview with Bix Weir of Breaking- SEC lays regulatory law to freeze Money market withdrawals during time of financial stress. We are truly in the eye of the storm, which began in 2008. We discuss the end of the silver fix and derivatives. $200+ Billion oz of paper silver bought & sold every year!? Physical in your hands is the safest bet. How to convert your IRA into physical silver eagles, in your hands!

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  • silver eagle

    Converting your existing IRA into physical is not possible. You could always quit your existing job and then convert it, but the only convertible IRA is one in which your current employer’s trustee doesn’t have control over. Life sucks trying to get your money out!

  • The gr8 n8

    Why not consider keeping your job, borrow against the funds, but phyz, pay the loan and interest back to yourself?…rinse, repeat as necessary. Oh and turn off the tv, you have had enough.

  • The gr8 n8

    *buy phyzz

  • Goverment Hater #1

    If you cannont convert your IRA into physical silver then stop your contributions into the paper asset(your IRA) and buy the balance in silver, through the open market. Its a better option for holding silver plus you may not need the tax benifits of the IRA. Taxed metals in your hand means no worries or reports to sell them under the counter. Or other option is open a business, ( any name and business) Start a SEP IRA under that business name for your new 401k. Role your existing IRA into this. This is alot little more paperwork but it can be done for under $2000.00 and this setup is tax deductable. Check into this, btw it is the only option for you to have physical metals delivered any location which you choose. Yes I know tax people, CPA’s, ect ect will all say dont do this but in the end its your money, your responsiblity, and your to manage.

  • Actually it is very possible:

    Perhaps you’re thinking of an active 401k, of which only about 14% of companies allow in service rollovers to an IRA. In that case, you are stuck, but any and all IRAs are eligible to rollover to an IRA LLC.

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