There Are No Good Guys

10 comments to There Are No Good Guys

  • kip caven

    Go ahead you crooks and drop the price of silver to $5
    Ill back up the truck and load it up

  • CurtisB

    Shoot, ya!! I’ll back up my truck……GO FOR IT FED……I’M ALL OVER IT!!!!

  • We are pawns in the game of government. The internet is good, however, the government has the ability to lock out certain postings. Is there any safe communication? Stop the flow of money to the government, the collapse will happen.
    We came to this country in 1952 after jumping through bureaucratic hoops. The decline of personal integrity and righteousness, moral decay and the dumbing down of America, what a shame…

  • dan


    If the people you mention are the good guys…I would hate to see your list of the BAD guys….all those that have been associated with the federal government for the past 40-50 years are BAD guys who have either worked to bring this country down or have stoop by and let it happen…as even today we see the ‘good guys’ doing absolutly nothing to stop the out of control spending and the constant praise of the fucking fed…..imho

  • Deck Hazen

    walking away from empire, turning your back on the king, withholding your participation from the system – these are all fine ideas and I try to follow this model as much as I can, but I don’t think its enough. The Government (operations arm of the elite) keeps coming up with new ways to force our compliance – taxes, licenses, laws, and regulations are the conventional means – police brutality, airport screening, prisons, and the IRS are part of an intentional attmosphere of fear designed to intimidate regular citizens with the threat of terrorism being the excuse. It’s going to come down to a fight and while we are walking away we might give some thought to that eventuality.

  • Trice

    Nice job Chris – a voice of reason in the wilderness of chaos. We keep feeding the beast by collapsing in fear every time there is a new crisis – all manufactured. We behave the way they predict. It is time to stop the insanity, unplug from the continuous fear and division inducing media and live your life awake, aware, no fear and in freedom. A collapse must happen before anything new can be created. It will take a collapse to wake people up to not only truth but the desire for peace, equality, respect for other human beings and all life on this planet.

  • Fred

    Too many people believe that a collapse will automatically be followed by a utopian solution. If there are no viable plans for jobs, guns, food, justice, wealth, property, etc on the the side, society will fall in the hands of the wrong people.

  • Angel

    So many people complain. So many people want a change. So many people think there is nothing they can do.
    People, we must ALL stand together. Its time. Time to take our country back.

  • Shaun

    Fred the free market will take its place, don’t fear

  • Paul Prichard

    Look in the mirror to see the good guys.

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