The Sugar Conspiracy

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  • Congrats you are close on your analysis of the sugar conspiracy. What you are missing is the fact that these large soft drink corporations knew what effects using HFCS would have on the human body. John Pembroke knew that cocaine was highly addictive when the original Coke formula was developed and Coca Cola knew in the early 90’s what effects corn syrup would produce. Yes the decision was based on economics but I also believe they knew that by switching the the cheaper subsidized corn syrup that overnight their customers would begin drinking 3 or 4 times as much as they did before naturally occurring sugar was removed. Recall that refills were not always free and the size of soft drinks used to be much smaller when naturally occurring sugar was used. Peer reviewed studies all agree that HFCS does not trigger the “stop I am full receptor” and the body does not recognize the altered carbohydrate when it is consumed so it stores it to fat immediately. Add to the equation that pretty much all corn is now Monsanto GMO producing its own insecticide and you have a recipe for disaster. Truly HFCS has given sugar a very bad name, as with anything abuse is not good but we are the only country using it and we lead the world in diabetes and obesity. It doesn’t take much thinking to see what has happened but as with most critical issues unless the ministry of truth tells the sheeple they surely will follow the crowd and not use their brains.

  • Fred Hayek

    I listened to an interview with David Stockman in which he was asked about Reagan’s governing style and Stockman said that Reagan was much too passive. The whole story of the approval of aspartame by the federal government is an example of that.

  • Also look up “Sugar: the bitter truth” on youtube. The Fructose in BOTH cane sugar and HFCS is what is leading to obesity. Fructose doesn’t trigger the ‘full’ response in the body – glucose does. Furthermore Fructose is processed in the liver as a toxin just as alcohol and a lot of the energy of fructose is converted staight into fat. Find and use Dextrose (pure glusose) as a genuinely healthy sweetner. If you are going to use Fructose, have it naturally in the fruit you might eat.

  • Zareth Shahara

    Aspartame? two words: ‘Donald Rumsfeld.’

  • william

    Obesity Explosionand diabetes explosion is directly result of HFCS in virtually everything.
    HFCS blocks your leptin receptors in your brain and thats what tells you that you are full.
    Aspertame is an “excito-toxon”. Causes brain cancers.

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