The Man, The Mob and The State: Come and Take It
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13 comments to The Man, The Mob and The State: Come and Take It

  • ant

    Who is the lady on the coin?

  • kip caven

    Got on the site to order mine and its been moved to Sept. 1

  • Tom Clark

    Hitler doesn’t belong on the list. He didn’t take guns away from the German people. The only thing Hitler did was get rid of the Central banking cartel….and other people who messed with the Central bank….Lincoln, JFK, Reagan, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Chavez all know what it means to go up against the Federal Reserve/Central banking Cartel.

    When people learn the holocaust was faked, they wake up immediately. All the evidence is there to read. The very same people who are steering us toward the NWO are the very same people Hitler and the German people threw out of their country. And they didn’t throw them out because they were jewish…it was because of their immoral behavior.

  • Scott

    Tom Clark you are a jackass!

  • ARC

    Tom Clark are u for real? Hitler and the Nazi’s disarmed
    And executed 11 million people which 1 million are children
    Germans or not, these are people who has the right to live. How dare
    You to defend Hitler! Chris Duane is right. “Molon labe”

  • slvr4sight

    Wow! This is over the top! Fear mongering…. silver pumping…. using terror and gore to sell silver rounds?! A. Jones would be proud of this one! In retrospect, the business plan is very clear, starting all the way back to the “giving away” the S.O.L. information. Bring ’em in, get a following then sell them on the salvation of silver. Not actual constitutional silver and legal tender but increasingly cheesy, self-produced rounds! If sales start slipping you can always use “fear porn” to draw them back in. Obviously a proven “Collapse-atarian” marketing strategy. Disappointing… but enlightening

  • Chad

    Enjoying the positive message of this round. The video fleshes out the meaning behind the design; initially, I was not into the design.

    I am not sure why the predominant response in this thread is that this is a negative round. What is more positive than being able to protect oneself and family when/if danger surfaces?

  • Fred Hayek

    Somehow this made me think of the ridiculous ad that Nanny Bloomberg was running in flyover states as part of his “I know better than you. I have more money. That proves it” campaign against legal gun ownership. The ad showed a woman at home with her child when her bizarrely unhinged ex husband breaks in and takes the child, threatening her with a gun.

    Bloomberg, in all his imperious arrogance apparently thought that the reaction to the ad would be that everyone would say, “Eek! A gun! That’s what’s run with this situation! Please save me from a simple tool, oh smarter than me New Yorker”

    Unfortunately for Nanny Bloomberg the great consensus of response to that ad was that it was a wonderful promotion for the need for women to carry guns.

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