“The Sound of Freedom”


The time has come…


Here’s my Ice Water Challenge for those that into that kind of thing…


3 comments to “The Sound of Freedom”

  • Paul T

    Ryan, let’s start a firewood chopping challenge. See how many of these doucebags will get on board with that. they can then donate to my stack of coin since its all about charity. Dude, when I saw this video, I couldn’t stop laughing cuz that’s exactly the way I felt about these idiots. Doucebags! You nailed it!

  • Jason

    Yeah, it’s nice to know that there are other people who think like I do! Thanks for the video.

  • Cal

    I think it’s pathetic how “trendys” jump on board with anything they here about in the media just to fit in and be cool. None of them think for themselves or care about A.L.S. With that said, I’m glad it’s gotten so popular because my grandpa died from A.L.S. 24 years ago and I’ve heard over $40 million has been donated towards ALS research so far, which is pretty good!

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