9/11: AMERICA’S REICHSTAG — Why The Truth Is More Important Than Ever


3 comments to 9/11: AMERICA’S REICHSTAG — Why The Truth Is More Important Than Ever

  • woody

    Chris, Please take a look at Dr. Judy Wood’s book on 911 called “Where Did The Towers Go?” It shows the evidence of what actually happened then. Those buildings didn’t collapse. They dustified with weaponized free-energy technology.
    Great interview. Keep going. I’m doing similar work with my local group.

  • Jim

    IMHO Judy Wood is a NWO gatekeeper. Anyone who has eyes
    and studied physics or engineering knows she is
    full of baloney. The buildings blew OUT and there is no
    free energy.

    It appears the general public has lying eyes disease.
    Cognitive dissonance.

  • AgainstTheGrain

    “WTC 7 was a solely nothing more than a bank robbery and the single underlying reason for the 9-11 event in its totality. Not one of you guys even mentions the vault in the basement of WTC 7 full of gold and bearer bonds that was emptied before the event itself and never recovered because it was already gone when the building was demolished. The Shanksville crash was meant for WTC 7 but didn’t make it due to those rascally American citizens that just wouldn’t die like corralled sheep. The Pentagon crash was added to the event to cover the stolen trillions of dollars through the defense department. The destruction of the two main towers were destroyed strictly for theatrical purposes to convince the public through the mainstream media that America was under attack. America is under attack, but it is from within by the politicians, banksters, media and puppet- masters. Welcome to the New World Order and it is a big deal by George literally.”

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