13 years later… Propaganda & the US War Machine Featuring Michael Rivero

From Perpetual Assets

Michael Rivero – Peace Activist, Radio Talk Show Host, Blogger, Truth Teller, Editor of www.whatreallyhappened.com

Join us for over a half hour of incredible content. Mike is literally full of information and strategic analyses We discuss the Bretton Woods agreement and the road to Petro dollar status, and it’s imminent demise. Mike explains the Soviet Union’s role as a seed for the development of Al Qaida, and now, ISIS, including botched US foreign policy and the consequences. We discuss 40+ years of false flags and downright accidents and the resulting wars. The gulf of Tonkin and the false initiative in Vietnam. The wreck of the Lusitania and the spark for WWI. Ukraine, Crimea and the roots of self-governance. We also explore the US/ Mex Border crisis, Police State – Ferguson, MO, Ebola, Russia and more.

Michael’s belief that the good will prevail in humanity is a refreshing message. It is time for all of us to stand up and speak. We must share our disgust with all our neighbors. Stop obeying, go Gandhi, non-comply, and refuse to participate.

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