DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Largest Event in Human History | Duane & Hoffman

It was a privilege to do a call with Elijah and Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin.

Part 2 will be posted Monday at Finance and Liberty

2 comments to DOLLAR COLLAPSE: Largest Event in Human History | Duane & Hoffman

  • JMF

    O.K. , End badly when ? Today,( 9-19-14) as I listen to this Silver has fallen another 3.86 % and is $17.86 spot a 4 year LOW !! So, when is this Magic Recovery coming oh yea , the Dollar is also at a 4 year high, UP 5O BASIS POINTS !! I just can’t believe this any day it’s going to happen crap anymore. Oh , in case you think I am a Basher I bought Silver in 1999 , 2000, 2001, 2002 , 2003 , 2004 and all in 2005 ! Watch, the run up to $ 49.50 and refused to sell due to Taxes issues what a Joke -70% later. James

  • Fred Hayek

    JMF, a guy named Jesse Livermore wrote a famous book on investing. One of the things he said is that the way to make money was to be right and sit tight and he said that the sitting tight part was the hard part. Sit tight, man. You’re right. What does it really matter if the SHTF and precious metals pricing breaks free in Sept 2014, Oct 2014 or Sept 2015? Tens years from now the distinction will be completely meaningless.

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