Silver Warning Of Market Crash October?

Silver crashed 1 month prior to the 2008 Financial crisis and no one noticed.  Is yesterdays action in silver predicting another, larger crisis this October?

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.23.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 12.29.30 PM

Silver is still one of the best performing assets Post-Lehman, the next one will be the big one.

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I did a study of how premiums are reacting to the paper silver price and Silver Shield stackers are doing much better than other silver stackers.

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Silver Shield Ebay Premium Study

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14 comments to Silver Warning Of Market Crash October?

  • matt

    Thanks Chris… I did notice the same here in OZ with your rounds compared to the ‘fuzzy animals’..I hope you get back to positive messages again..To be honest the whole guns, skulls, death thing doesn’t resonate with me and I notice here in oz they dont sell as well as the older ones with the positive message..god knows there’s no shortage of negativity these days…Thanks!!

  • matt

    Personally I find the trivium still the best of all!

  • patrick


    What ever happend to your Lakota bank concept.

    I can tell you this…the REZ has had their own credit union now…..i am a member..thought you might want to know….i believe you may be able to reignite your idea now.

    I can give you more detail is you wish.


    • Silver Shield

      Free Lakota Bank is part of Rob Gray’s Ponzi Scheme and is involved in the Mulligan mint Bankruptcy.

      I will not be involved in any Silver Bank until after the collapse.

  • NIX


    I personally NEVER done this before but after seeing some comments on certain sites in your behalf after you posted this video i decided to get involved ! this is what i’ve said!

    For what it’s worth this is only my opinion! I’m alway’s amazed at the brain infected maggets who love to shitt and piss on anyone that try to do something constructive for humanity!These little fucking cockroaches always find a way to bash people who are trying to do something good to make up for their microscopic and miuscule fucking PENIS!

  • matt

    please do tell what YOU have done Niz..thanks!

    • NIX

      In these words I stood up and defend the people who made my life AND OTHERS better like Chris Duane. just reconnizing the immence work he as done is doing something, do you shop at wallmart i don’t,do i invest my money in the stock market i let you guess, evrey chance i get i talk to sheeple, i bought the first of his coins when he first started and had a hard time, i justified my harsh words politely and took the time to ansewer you because you asked politely(…) OH and i’m doing my best to write in english. PEACE NIX

      • matt

        thankk Nix..No i I don’t shop at Walmart..we don’t have them here in OZ thank least not where I live.. I grow my own food and shop at local organic shops for what I need extra. I have too been buying Chris’s rounds from the start although lately not as I really don’t like the whole skull/guns theme..I work with disabled, Autistic kids & war veterans as I find it very rewarding to work with people who have REAL problems, don’t have huge egos and don’t spend their lives engaged in trivialities. Thanks for the polite answer and keep working on that English 😉

  • NIX

    Hi Chris,

    Today is the 30th and silver is diving again, canot help myself thinking about what you said. IS SILVER WARNING OF SOMETHING? in my view YES and it will probably be a cyber attack on the banks so they could close because of bank runs. PEACE

    • Silver Shield

      Something bad has to be coming and they are setting the decks.

      Dollar up… Check.

      Stocks up … Check.

      Interest rates down… Check.

      Gold and silver down… Check.




      Let her rip!

    • NIX


      JPMORGAN HACK ATTACK HIT 76,000,000 HOUSEHOLDS ( drudge)

      next on tha menue


  • NIX

    Wrap your minds around this:

    The U.S. Mint alone sold, in one day, as many eagles as it used to sell in an entire month! 765.000! ***YESTERDAY!***

  • NIX


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