October 2014 Silver Shield Report Is Released

This month’s Silver Shield Report is a beast! We are stacking generational wealth in an irrational world and these Silver Shield Reports will help keep you focused on what is really going on.

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October 2014 Silver Shield Report

  • OCT SSR 1- Can’t pull a “your either with us or the enemy”, ISUS, Wait for the Beast to Bleed out.
  • OCT SSR 2- Manipulated by childish fear, The Forefront of a New Consciousness, From “Paycheck to Paycheck” to “Hand to Mouth”, The Rise of Tyranny.
  • OCT SSR 3- Zombie Hoard Thoughts, Stay the course through the storm, Ebola Obama Scapegoat.
  • OCT SSR 4- China Will Not Be USA 2.0, Brand America, Motivation Beyond The Dollar, The New Consciousness Arises.
  • OCT SSR 5- Georgia Guide Stone BS, Conspiracy Voodoo, “I am shocked that there is gambling here!”,
  • OCT SSR 6- Poison Pill, Humanity Left Behind, Mono Culture Collapse,
  • OCT SSR 7- Cannabis vs Nanotech?, Barter Economy.
  • OCT SSR 8- WTF Silver?, King Dollar?, Rich Hoard Cash?, This Is The Time.
  • OCT SSR 9-  Scottish Independence, Garage Sale For More Silver, PsyOp Silver.
  • OCT SSR 10- My Case For Hope, Toxic Environment, Wrapping Up.
  • Bonus 1- Silver Mastermind Recording with David Morgan, Chris Duane, Andy Hoffman and Turd Ferguson with Mastermind Transcript
  • Bonus 2- Post Collapse Strategy Session

October Exclusive Silver Shield Group Member Strikes

  • attachmentSilver Shield Group Members Only Proof Den of Thieves with Black COA
  • Silver Shield Group Members Only Proof 2014 Sic Semper Tyrannis with Grey COA

I am think this Silver Shield Report is so powerful that I am once again opening the Silver Shield Group to new members.

If you are looking for light in the face of overwhelming doom and gloom, the Silver Shield Report is what you are looking for.

Here is what you will get with a subscription to the Monthly Silver Shield Report.

  • 150+ Silver Shield Reports included in the archives covering the intellectual foundation for a new way of life without debt, war, or collectivism. The Sons of Liberty Academy reveals the past, The Greatest Truth Never Told covers the present, the Silver Shield Report creates the future.
  • A unique monthly Silver Shield Report that dissects the current propaganda and looks to build a new world with Real Friends, Real Skills and Real Wealth. No other Report has the clarity of perspective on the multifaceted factors that interact to create our reality and be able to put it all into a concise plan for the individual to take positive productive action to become truly free.
  • Private Member’s Forum. Meet other like minded, consciously aware and abundant people.
  • Special Edition silver coins not available anywhere else in the world. These limited edition coins are available on a frequent basis to round out your collection and typically do very well on the secondary market.
  • Behind the scenes look into the creation of The Greatest Truth Never Told epic series. See the creation of this new fictional series seeks to destroy the future laid out for us by Huxley and Orwell and show how humanity can truly become free.
  • Access to a new consciously different Secondary Silver Series that will tie into The Greatest Truth Never Told series and show the progression of consciousness of humanity. This new series will be totally different than anything done in the past and will only be available to members of the Silver Shield Report.
  • Access to special deals on silver, Strategy Sessions and live Maverick Mastermind series events. Special access to opportunities for members only.
  • The next step to building a Silver Bank, Commodity Backed Crypto Currency, and Silver Equitable Fund for this unique group of consciously aware individuals to build a better world out of the ashes of the old. All current efforts are guided by the Ultimate Exit Strategy to effectively transfer our wealth into the next financial paradigm to build a consciously different world to create generational freedom.

This membership is a must, for those that have invested heavily into physical silver, as we seek to open opportunities in the silver space.

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