Silver Smashed!!!

Smashed silver!!! Public capitulation and name calling. 5 day Record US Mint Sales if 4.1 Million ounces.
End of the Line for 9 Silver Shield strikes and a preview of Seven Sins of Obama.  And much more…

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12 comments to Silver Smashed!!!

  • NIX


  • Perry Vayo

    Thanks for the boost! Yes, let’s hope THIS storm is subsiding…unless that means another is ready to take it’s place. It’s suspicious to me that demand jumped so fast and so far. Hmmm…

  • NIX

    NOTE: Back then people were investing their life saving in a TULIP BULB today people invest their life saving in a promess! back then they had at least something tagible.

  • Jon

    Wish I could say the days ahead will be easy, but they won’t. My guess is silver and gold are going to take a Huge hit. The forces of corruption are trying to take your metal anyway they can. Some say we are at the end game, I’m not smart enough to know. guess I’ll be buying all the way to the bottom.

  • Ant

    I wont be selling my silver. Gold maybe but not silver. The ratio of silver to gold is now 70:1. Silver is super cheap! Our debt is not going away. Governments are unstable as is money.

  • Paul T

    I’m 33 years old now so I guess that means I have at least 30 more years to save silver before I retire. That means they’ll have to still have control of the paper price of silver for 30 more years to beat me…the odds are not in their favor…

  • NIX


    I think that believers in silver or gold are taking a BET against the worst criminal ever known, is it possible for you to talk about confiscation or criminalysing it’S ownershipp. it would be naive to think that this will not happened! i think that’s in the cards and i did’nt find on the net any logic and neutral point of view other than ”come and take it” and a tax of 90% on capital gain would not bother me because like you i would not sell.


  • Julie

    I’ve been following you for years and I want to say thank you! Screw the critics. Stay true. Hold your head high.

  • Purplemom

    After a year long audit by our friends at the IRS, the bill comes to $38,568, not
    due to evading taxes, but to pay backup withholding for a subcontractor we had in
    the past who didn’t pay his bill!
    Things in this paradigm are way out of control. I don’t fit in this liberal

  • Purplemom

    Silver is the only protector we have to thieves of all kinds.

  • M1yman

    7 Sins of Obama? I guess you had to draw the line somewhere (we, the awakened, know the true list of his sins is infinite!). Looking forward to the next series of SS rounds. Keep up the great work, fighting the good fight!

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