I Have Met A Psychopath


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  • Matt V

    Now I understand your heart Chris. And now understand why your work found me. I pray and hope we all find are peace and are true calliing of this short life.

  • Fred Hayek

    Chris, I don’t think you should say that the people you were encountering in the New Jersey auto sales world were there to push you into being better. I don’t think you mean it this way but, just as psychopaths treat other people as means to an end, just bit players in the drama of their lives, it sounds a bit off to say that they were there to push you into being better. Just a bit of loose phrasing but something to avoid.

  • matt

    now there’s a message I can resonate with. Thanks for that!

  • Miggy

    Listen, work out your salvation. Jesus is truth. He will help you with your questions if you just open your heart and let Him in. Don’t let the enemy sway your thinking that prayer, Spirituality, Jesus, etc. are not true or do not matter.

    Take a good hard look at yourself. Are there things in your life that instinctively you know are wrong but you are allowing anyway. Ask The Lord to help you overcome these things but you truly have to want to overcome the flesh or you will remain a slave to your physical desires. Ask Jesus to reveal Himself and let you know if He is truth. He will. You have nothing to lose and your salvation to gain.

    The Bible talks about what is happening right now in the world and The Bible makes sense of things. Once you form a relationship with Jesus He will help you with any situation you find yourself in. You will have to make some sacrifices like giving up things the flesh desires. It won’t happen overnight but you must take this path. This is a small price to pay knowing the bondage you are in is broken. Once this happens you are truly free, now and forever.

    I don’t want to hear the lies about new age gobbly gook that means nothing. I don’t want to hear moralism is relative because it isn’t, there is a right and a wrong. I don’t want to hear we are all Gods. God has revealed Himself to me and has helped me break the bondage I was once in so no-one can tell me there is no proof of God. I have my proof.

    Once you work out your salvation this world means nothing and you have found your path. Take this to heart, brother, and give Jesus a chance. It’s the only way to be free and happy and billions of Christians throughout the ages cannot be wrong.

    Start with Charles Stanely at intouch.org. He speaks truth. God Bless.

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