Swiss Gold Shockwave

My email to the man behind the Swiss Gold Initiative to try something different.

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4 comments to Swiss Gold Shockwave

  • Paul Prichard

    On November 30th the Swiss people, following this vote, they find that the Swiss people do not rule in Switzerland, the private central banksters rule Switzerland.

  • Chris,

    I have watched you people talk about “opposite consciousness” nonsense forever; when you do nothing to change your Nation-State Debt Contracts and your Oath of Allegiance…whereby you have either made the Pope, the Queen, or the United States of America….YOUR GOD.

    There’s an old maxim that states..”All people end up getting the government they deserve”. Until you are ready to do exactly as the Founders of the USA did; when they exercised LAW OF NATIONS, Book 1 Sections…32, 33, 212, and 220….whereby you “quit your State/Society” (which you deem to have dissolved or “devolved”); then you have no right to complain or protest.

    Further, you have provided NO SOLUTION whereby this “new paradigm” (i.e.: this allusion to new consciousness) is going to exist “in parallel” with the rest of the “World”…because you have failed to Vary Your Contracts…and Assume Your Separate and Your Equal Station…in order that you may be “in the World (your World) and not of Their World”.

    Most do not want to, and therefore, never will…leave the Matrix. Most, including you, do not even know what the Leontief Matrix is….or what the FAR Matrix is.

    You claimed in this video that you “contacted someone” in Switzerland. I am contacting you, as I have done in the past. I suppose that I will see what you do now.

  • Becky

    David, you’ve got the wrong “you people” here. It’s obvious from your post that you’ve not followed this site at all. Delve further. You might agree with most of what is being said here. …and, a solution has been offered. Peace.

  • Jack


    Great video, one of the best I can remember you creating. Truthful, honest assessment/prediction, that I believe time will prove correct. It is a hugh leap for many people though, as the previous commenter clearly proves, to believe that change can be brought about from outside the system that created the problem. Your point was eloquently stated and I applaud you for making it.


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