Introducing Home delivery of IRA Gold or Silver Eagle Coins with Perpetual Assets LLC IRA program

No Taxes, No Penalties, No Depositories

Addison, TX (PRWEB) October 16, 2014

Perpetual Assets, where the motto is Trust Yourself, introduces the Perpetual Assets LLC IRA program. This structure allows you to take physical, at-home, delivery of certain Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins with IRA funds. What’s more – Asset Protection for an IRA with almost unlimited investment options.

Many investors feel like their retirement monies are trapped and out of their control. A financial advisor would tell them that based on the wide array of mutual funds available, one has all the diversification needed. What if one could buy those same mutual funds but maintain complete control of the account himself? What if it included an impressive list of alternative investment options? Again all under the individual’s control, he calls the shots, he makes the investments. What if this were possible without paying typical management and investment advisor fees? What if one could also take personal possession of precious metals purchased with his retirement account? They can, with a rollover to Perpetual Assets LLC IRA program.

What is Perpetual Assets LLC IRA program?
Simply put, it is a specifically designed self-directed retirement account whereby one can take control of the assets and invest them in almost any manner he or she chooses. The platform works for an IRA, ROTH, SEP, Simple, 401k and more.

What are the main benefits?
~Physical possession (under your pillow) of US Gold or Silver Eagle Coins.
~Checkbook control of cash in the LLC bank account.
~Wide open investment options including real estate, private equity, oil & gas leases, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and more.
~Potential increased protection of client’s retirement assets from theft, or worse.

How does it work?
First Perpetual Assets arranges for the IRA or 401k balance at the client’s present administrator to be transferred to a newly created account at a self-directed administrator. After approval, the balance is sent to the bank account of client’s choice in the name of the newly created LLC. The LLC IRA is uniquely structured so that the client is the manager, but the retirement account itself is the owner. As manager of the LLC IRA investments, the individual has complete checkbook control of the retirement assets, including the ability to take home delivery of US Eagle Coins.

These simple steps entail several rounds of paperwork and the creation of complex legal documents and affidavits to satisfy IRS and ERISA compliance. Perpetual Assets does all of the heavy lifting. All the client needs to do is sign a few rounds of documents and open a bank account.

Is it IRS allowable?
Absolutely. In fact, it has been challenged and upheld in court numerous times, and the IRS ultimately released a field advisory statement in April 2001 stating it would no longer challenge the legitimacy of the LLC IRA structure.

Why Perpetual Assets LLC IRA program?
The company takes pride in its unique process. Perpetual Assets founders bring over a decade of experience from the metals, financial planning, and investments industries. They have processed hundreds of these accounts in just the last few years. As a client of Perpetual Assets LLC IRA program, clients only speak to an owner of the company. The two managing partners, Gus Demos and Will Lehr are experts in the legal facilitation and setup. Clients will never talk to an employee or assistant about the handling of perhaps their largest asset. The company’s personal and hands on management of client accounts ensures clients are comfortable, all their questions are answered, and all legal requirements are met and understood. Many clients come to Perpetual Assets overwhelmed or intimidated by this process. They keep it simple for you.

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