The Magical Deceit of the Real Flight to Quality

From Perpetual Assets

Perpetual Assets welcomes Rob Kirby proprietor of Hang on tight for this one as Mr Kirby is on Fire!

We discuss the very strange occurrences in the bond market last week. Once the equity markets started to collapse last Tuesday, the 10 year bond yield moved from 2.20 to 1.85 intraday. Mr. Kirby has not seen such a move in his 35 years experience. He discusses this blatant manipulation and how and why the operators did it: something caused great panic last week. The operators desperately wanted to make the dollar look strong.

Mr. Kirby breaks down exactly how the banks setup and front run bond market manipulation in conjunction with the US Treasury. The US Treasury not only caused the Libor scandal, they engineered it. He also clarifies the relationship between T Bill interest rates and Libor rates.

These are financial crimes against humanity. Mr. Kirby tells his end game scenario and it is all about the physical. He discloses some major near failures to deliver recently that were fraudulently covered up. Physical metal commitments are already failing. All it takes is the right buyer refusing the bribe and demanding the physical.

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