Help! $83,000 Student DEBT!

Today is the Final Dealer Order Day for Uncle Slave

3 comments to Help! $83,000 Student DEBT!

  • hi,
    while i hate the government student loan program
    with a vengence, michael could have gone to an
    inexpensive state university, studied hard, and
    racked up a small debt. after the FIRST semester
    he could have dropped out since 1) he didn’t feel
    it was right for him, and 2) he was failing.
    michael caused this problem, and the government merely
    helped him. i can’t have any pity here.
    roger mason

  • Paul T

    Or, for about 8 bucks, he coulda went to Books a Million and bought himself a Rich Dad Poor Dad book, taught himself a financial education, opened up a small business and been ahead of the game…but that’s none of my business…

  • William

    He’s spot on in so many different ways; the problem remains, however, that much of what he says here is easier said than actually done when up against the financial wall; that, and the general holding pattern we seem to be in regarding the collapse of the dollar. The longer it is put off, on the one hand, the worse it is going to be; on the other, there is the reality of having continue on in the status quo in day to day life–such as having to transact virtually all business in ultimately worthless paper and digital data. You and I both know that the eventual currency crisis inevitable, and when it occurs, the opportunity to reconstruct the way public affairs are managed in the United States will exist in a way which it hasn’t since the time of the Revolution; the debt and death paradigm needs to fall, completely, and with it needs to collapse the barriers to the study of law which have been erected since the 1880s; in the meantime though, we are still very much in a society that foolishly slams doors shut on people who do not jump through the hoops, and that will not accord credibility to these same people. I would like nothing better than to say none of that matters, but I find myself knowing that until a real and true reckoning, it does matter. Perhaps I am in many ways still in the old and dying paradigm myself; maybe we all are in some respects. But as long as barriers to entry exist in certain learned professions, I see no alternative means of getting there at this point without dancing to the tune a sick society has written–a fact which is in and of itself exceptionally frustrating. Restoring basic bankruptcy protections relative to student debt would be a step in the right direction, but given that student debt is a small part of bigger debt picture, attempting the fix the abuses and sufferings in this one area without addressing the total dysfunctional nature of a monetary system based on fraud leaves the exact same power structure in place.

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