The 7 Sins of Obama 2. Obama’s Darth Vader

I don’t get shocked too often after doing this for over a decade, but if what I found is true, this is extremely disturbing!

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  • Skybird

    Welcome aboard. I came to this conclusion, after researching, some time ago and have taken a lot of grief for it, but I still stand strong. The truth is the truth. We have a real “Manchurian Candidate” in place and the powers hidden will destroy the country through him.

    • matt

      Like many I am disappointed by Obama and his deception..BUT he IS a politician and anyone who enters that field and gets that far has to have some kind of Pathalogical, Psychotic/Sociopathic tendencies.

      BUT to to say he is in anyway to blame for the demise of the US is giving him way too much credit..Doesn’t matter if Mickey Mouse is his biological father.

      Americans as a whole became too Fat, Greedy, Complaisant, Imperialistic, Arrogant (not to forget brainwashed) by the whole celebrity culy driven purely by egoistic intent.

      America is a land of some 300 million..If they REALLY want real change they need to get off their fat, supersized asses and change it themselves…The consumption levels of Americans is now way past being unsustainable and the other 7 and half billion people on the planet are slowly waking up to it.

      I think if the US to regain it’s previous position in the world as a ‘leader’ they need to behave like a responsible leader…not like a schoolyard bully.

      I believe there are enough people inside the US who have this potential to restore it’s principals it was founded on but won’t be done easily due to the ‘rot’.

      In conclusion I do hope the US is able to heed the warnings and turn it around as what is our alternative? China? Russia? Islam?

      Obama doesn’t deserve the attention and time being spent on him…Energy better spent is on how to make REAL change…

      Obamas history is a wasted moment..and one should NEVER waste a moment on a wasted moment!

      • Skybird

        I did not say Obama is to blame. I said he is a “Manchurian Candidate”. A Manchurian Candidate is a person who, unbeknownst to himself, has been convinced to act toward some interest. I believe there are unseen powers behind him who control. He may not know who they are. Thus he is a figurehead, a front man, a patsy, the fall guy or whatever you want to call him. He is being “used”.

        • matt

          agree totally with you Skybird..But I would assume he is now aware of it now he has entered the den…but like the path of spiritual awareness..Once you step on there is no stepping off!…on another note but related..interesting to see how many bankers are ‘throwing themselves’ off buildings lately…

  • matt


    ‘Celebrity Cult’ and ‘6 and half billion people’ 😉

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