November Silver Shield Report

I just posted the November Silver Shield Report featuring 10 new audios covering the most in depth analysis of this insane world and what we can do in the face of it.  Some of the forward thinking topics include…

  • The “Kicked The Can” Collapse.
  • The End of the Colonialism Anomaly.
  • Is China Controlled Opposition?
  • Life In A Terminally Declining Empire.
  • A Vision of Future American Horror (Communist Hillary vs Fascist Rickards)
  • An Up Close Interview of a Personal Collapse and What It Takes To Thrive.
  • The Future Silver Shield Community.
  • Breaking Down The Doom Porn Dejour.
  • And Much More….

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.24.46 AMWe also released our yearly Silver Shield Group Christmas Special Edition featuring a Double Proof Obverse Joy To The World/ Peace On Earth with unique Certificate of Authenticity.

We also have special member’s deals on the limited 2014 BU and Proof  5 oz Warbird.

If you would like to join the Silver Shield Group and meet like minded, abundant people in our private forum, please click here.


3 comments to November Silver Shield Report

  • matt noticed any significant change in buying behavior in the past week/s?

  • Orange

    I just noticed that filty rich people actually EAT gold..

    • matt

      as hard as the silver advocates are trying to keep up sentiment I think as per the price..the sentiment is being crushed at the realization that true markets are dead..repeat DEAD! If there’s any chance of human society going forward in a positive manner and markets returning to ANY level of sanity and integrity returning to the way we do business…There has to be a major collapse..I just can’t see people waking up and doing the right thing anymore..we are past that point …

      I for one have lost any hope for any positive outcomes in my lifetime!

      What on earth was I thinking believing that being honest and living within my means was going to work out well in this system..If you aint greedy and play the game ….you aint in the game

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