We Get Cash4Gold, China Gets Gold For Cash.

Pan Asian Gold Exchange

Pan Asian Gold Exchange

‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.’ -Sun Tzu

Another gold trading market is opening outside of the control of the Anglo American Empire. The new Pan Asian Gold Exchange will start of trading gold in dollar contracts like the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, but it will also trade RMB contracts for gold internationally. This is another significant development of the anti-Hegemon. The Chinese know that the Anglo American Empire is weakest at its financial sector. All it needs to do is keep money flowing into their markets to permanently disable the world’s hyper power. They can beat America without firing a single bullet.

This exchange, and the many other markets and services that are sure to follow, are and example of the shift taking place between east and west. Our Elite seem content on feeding us more and more cash4gold and China’s government seems determined to get gold for cash.  China has stated that it wants to own more gold reserves than the United States claims to have. You can walk into any bank in China and buy gold at the counter. You would probably get reported to DHS if you tried asking for gold here. The Chinese government is actively encouraging its citizens to buy gold as a hedge against inflation. This power transfer to China will not change unless we wake up and change everything that we are currently doing wrong starting with our debt based money. This is not going to happen, because the Elite will never give up their concentrated power they have amassed. Which leaves us with the very real possibility of 3 false flags.

The Pan Asian Gold Exchange could be a very important market the anti-Hegemon could use eventually to provide stability to their markets during a dollar collapse. 3 of the top 5 gold  producing countries (1.China 3.South Africa and 5.Russia) could provide massive amount of gold to this new market. The long term effect is that if producers get higher prices for their gold in these markets, instead of the London Fixed Market or the CRIMEX, the less gold will find its way into our markets. The less that is in our markets, the less control the Anglo American Elite have suppressing the price. Couple this loss of control with a doomed currency, and you have a potent mixture for a paradigm shift, where power shifts from west to east.

The thing I found most interesting in the video below, is the public endorsement from Andrew Macguire. Andrew Macguire was a whistle blower that publicly testified how the precious metals markets were rigged by the Elite for their short term profits and long term control of the commodities. Shortly after that he was involved in an apparent assassination attempt by a very mysterious hit and run attack. His endorsement comes on the heels of the announcement from the Pan Asian Gold Exchange that they will limit leverage and monitor gold leasing. Unlike the Anglo American Empire, China executes those involved in financial or consumer fraud. I don’t believe there will be the kind of shenanigans in these Chinese markets as we see almost on a daily basis here. Andrew Macguire says in the video that over time this should, “dilute the effects of short side concentration in both gold and silver.” That is very dangerous to the Anglo American paradigm indeed.

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