Back To $15 Silver In 2006

It is crazy to see how the world has changed since silver was $15 back in 2006.

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  • M1yman

    Chris, great synopsis of the numbers. Impeccable logic, as usual.

    How low can it go? Well, if I was mining silver I would be thinking along the same lines that the CEO of First Majestic, Keith Neumeyer, is taking. I would push back against the manipulation and withhold my silver from the market as well. It is insanity to go through the labor and capital intensive process of mining silver and then sell it at these ridiculous manipulated prices. Mining companies have a bottom line just like any other business and they have families to feed as well. So the price of silver can only go as low as the push back against it will allow it. Then it will have to go back up.

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