Boom! Silver Eagle Sales!

Authorized Silver Shield Dealers now carrying Never Trust Government Proof
5 oz BU Warbird SilverShieldXchange Xclusive starts shipping this week. Ends Nov. 24th.

1 comment to Boom! Silver Eagle Sales!

  • M1yman

    Love that Warbird in the video Chris! Certificate 001?! Choix! Must be nice… That’s awesome!

    Appreciate the update on Silver Eagles; and, on Never Trust! Gonna snag some of that. SS proofs are the scheiss! Once you have ‘the foundation’ then it’s time to stock the best; and right now, it’s time to stock the best. Incredible value after incredible value, what more could a guy ask for?

    Keep up the good work, your creations will ultimately gravitate to good homes to be protected by strong hands. You can count on that.

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