eBay Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trademark Violation

As many of you know, I first wrote the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield on this very blog, almost four years ago in 2011.  It proposed a two fold thesis that stacking silver as a way of to attack the fraudulent debt and death paradigm and to also protect your family  from it’s inevitable demise.  That original article was read close to 500,000 times and translated into 7 languages.

I then took the message to YouTube and created hundreds of Silver Bullet Silver Shield videos that have been seen over 2 million times.  It was through that hard work and popularity that I was then contacted by a mint to write Congressional testimony for them and to mint my very own Silver Bullet Silver Shield brand of coins.

The initial success was astounding. I sought to create historically significant messages that ran counter to the main stream national mints that only offered propaganda, leaves and fuzzy animals.  The entire project quickly fell apart after many quality, production delays and the revelation that much of the money given to the mint had been used in a Ponzi Scheme were new investors paid prior claims.  This resulted in the $3.5 Million Bankruptcy of that mint.

What followed after that only added insult to injury. After many prominent people in the silver community ran to the mints defense and tried to jump in my place.  All of them failed and the mint collapsed.  

Then the my designs and my Silver Bullet Silver Shield brand was used without my permission. They counterfeited a ridiculous amounts of odd strikes and horrible designs that I never would have done.  While these criminals profited off of this mess, I had to reestablish myself, a new Silver Shield brand and proceed through the very slow legal system.

I finally won my Silver Bullet Silver Shield trademark case this past July after I proved at the highest level, that I am the sole creator of Silver Bullet Silver Shield.  I then warned all major known participants that there was no gray area anymore and that I was the sole owner of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield.  They were warned not to produce or sell these counterfeits, they of course ignored me.

Starting at the beginning of this month, I am enforcing those claims.

I have been very busy working with the VeRO team over at eBay to protect my Silver Bullet Silver Shield trademark from this criminal counterfeiting scheme.  I have successfully de-listed over 500+ counterfeit Silver Bullet Silver Shield product off of eBay.  In general, I did not authorize any 2014 Silver Bullet Silver Shield, or the ridiculous amount of double strikes like Free Reign or You Highness, or jumbo Slave Queen strikes or Freedom Girl paradimes or 1/10 ounce gold Debt and Death and certainly not any of the  truly awful Arise coins.  Any of those will get struck from eBay as the community.  I hope people will help to make sure this kind of action and people do not belong in the honest money community.

This is just a first step to end this criminal, counterfeiting scheme.  I believe this is a very important eBay action to stop the flow of money into this racket and also help the legitimate sellers of my brands.  Please note, I am also working with those that did not know they were selling counterfeits, too make sure the innocent do not get their accounts suspended.  I would say that a grand majority simply did not know what was going on. But even the ones that knew full well what they were doing, I have offered my assistance to turn a negative to a positive.  I do not wish to spread anymore pain, but I am only looking to stop mine.  If anyone has been unfairly affected by this eBay action please contact the VeRO team at eBay and we will find a solution.  This does not mean that you will be able to continue selling the counterfeit product, but you will be able to get back to doing business.

I have a whole slate of follow up actions and I assure you that all of this nonsense will soon end.  This will come from two major areas, first cutting off people from unconsciously supporting the worst in humanity and secondly from my proactive approach to end this criminal action.  This is the true spirit of Silver Bullet Silver Shield.

I thank you all for your support and if you need further clarification on what is authorized or counterfeit you can refer to the links below.

For a full list of prior Silver Bullet Silver Shield authorized designs at Silver Bullet Silver Shield Collection.
For a full list of current Silver Shield authorized designs at Silver Shield Collection.
And they are available at our authorized dealers at Silver Shield Authorized Dealers.

If there is any question on any strikes you can contact me at DTOMsola (at) Yahoo.com.

I want to thank everyone that has believed in and supported my through this ordeal.  I believe once this is fully put to rest, there will be an incredible amount of opportunities and interest, right at a time when silver returns to its former glory.  The drama, historically significant art and monetary collapse will make what we are doing truly special.  At least that is my intention.  Thank you all for you support and understanding.



P.S. Silver is up 21% this month.

SBSS Banned

14 comments to eBay Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trademark Violation

  • blair

    Great to hear they’re being held accountable Chris. Hey i bought a lot of the 5 oz Snake Strike…these were legit correct? a bit concerened now

  • d.Ag

    Hey Blair, Yes, the 5oz “Don’t Tread On Me” snake is an authorized Silver Shield product through Chris and looks absolutely amazing. Wish I had the dough for one. Check out the silvershiledxchange. Stack on brother!

  • matt

    hm..would like to see a list exactly of which are counterfeit..???

    I knew China were pumping out copies which i alerted you to and you stopped..but now this??

  • Gawd…I saw that “Arise” and I thought This isn’t going anywhere. I think that you and Heidi spoiled us a little, design-wise. d;o)

    Love the new REAL stuff, and have gotten a few other people interested as well. (The favour has been well returned, several times over. d;o)

    As to those wondering about a list of fakes, I offer a simpler solution: if you’re going to buy, get them from A REPUTABLE DEALER, as decent people will not tolerate fraud or scams, and they got behind Chris & Heidi since DAY ONE, and have been there ever since.

    If they don’t carry CURRENT Silver Bullet products, but they carry “old designs”, then it’s probably safe to assume that Chris hasn’t got anything to do with them, and they’re NOT officially released products.

    Keep kickin’ ass and takin’ names! What? Pencil broke? Well…we’ll just have to settle with 50% of the list getting done, then. d;o)

  • Tjai

    Great job Chris I got robbed without a gun on eBay for some San rounds glad to see you care enough to stop people from defrauding you brand I even noticed now company’s selling your stuff at spot priceing which they never would do bullioncubemint.com is one thanks again can’t wait to see the new designs.

  • rtype

    Thanks Chris for coming through with this and protecting our investments that we made with the original genuine rounds. I got sick and tired looking at these horrible designs on Ebay. Can you send cease and desist letters to these companies trying to sell them on their websites as well?

    • Silver Shield

      Much more coming like shutting down their emails infringing on my Trademark and websites.
      This criminal counterfeiting will be put to an end.

  • matt

    So I bought a 5oz proof like Freedom girl at a registered dealer for SBSS and according to the pic it is counterfeit??

    • Silver Shield

      The one pictured is an abomination where Rob had another sculptor reverse the sculpt Heidi Wastweet did and then replaced the tattoo. Basically making it a mess and pissing off the most patient person I know, Heidi Wastweet.

      • matt

        Thanks for clearing that up..NO..I have the real ones 😉

        any chance of a re run of the 5oz freedom girl ;))))

  • Mike

    I think it’s BS to stop people from selling coins they bought while you were having you own personal issues within your company. They aren’t fakes from china they were stuck at Mulligan. You guys lost control.

    Stopping Amercans from selling their personal property? Libertarian, my ass.

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