The FINAL Member’s Only Silver Shield Report

This is the final Silver Shield Group Member’s Only Silver Shield Report.

The December Silver Shield Report for members is here.

0:00 *2015 Silver Shield Preview including Year of the Sheep, Non Vi Virtute Vici, Collectivism Kills, Jesus Clears the Temple 10 bar, Pyramid of Control.
11:00 *eBay SBSS
13:00 *Free Silver Shield Report and moving forward
23:00 *Election Coverage
30:00 *Immigration
37:00 *Obamacare
41:00 *Ferguson Riots
44:00 *Alan Greenspan
51:00 *Swiss Gold Referendum
55:00 *The Bottom in Silver
1:13:00 *China and the NWO
1:28:00 *$18 Trillion Debt

After 3 years and over 200+ Silver Shield Reports, I am ending the paid subscription.  There is simply too much going on right now and between this Silver Shield Report, YouTube, Silver Shield Xchange, Silver Shield Collection and writing a novel besides my young family so something has to give.  Whenever times need to change, abundance is always the way forward. 

Starting in January, I will be doing the Silver Shield Report as a free weekly podcast to all subscribers of our email list.   I am very excited for this new direction.  I know at some point the YouTube channel is going to get shut down so I really don’t want to put any more effort into that.  So I have recruited Ryan Brooks that has a successful show on Republic Broadcasting to put together a weekly program for us.  I hope to cover all of the issues with Ryan from my unique perspective as well as get to know so many other people I admire in this community.

To get the Silver Shield Report Podcast starting in January, sign up for our newsletter here at The Greatest Truth Never Told.

The Silver Shield Group will continue with our Silver Shield Group Member’s only coins.  I love the availability to make limited or unique strikes that would not really find a large audience.  By creating new unique strikes at very limited quantities creates an exciting way to collect silver.  This month we have a new 5 oz Proof Sic Semper Tyrannis, a new Proof Trivium with “Listen to All, Follow None” and a 2014 Proof Argyraspides.  All with unique Certificates of Authenticity.

attachment-1Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.38.51 PM


Next year the SSG will have a new “Bankster-like” 12 part series called the Pyramid of Control.  Every month a new reverse proof design will be released in the series.  We are also working on getting member’s discounts for all of our public released coins.  As always, we have free international shipping.  This is a must for anyone who is passionate about the Silver Shield series.  To join the Silver Shield Group click here.


1 comment to The FINAL Member’s Only Silver Shield Report

  • Eric

    Hi Chris,

    You have contributed greatly to my life recently and I look forward to your posts. I am curious as to why you say the You Tube channel is going to get shut down?


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