2015 Predictions- Doom is ALWAYS 6 Months Away


From Outer Limits Radio

2 comments to 2015 Predictions- Doom is ALWAYS 6 Months Away

  • C’mon Duane = Quoting good music with the name Jimmy Hendrix? Are you or were you smoking or taking the same dope he was? Good Music vs Jimmy Hendrix? LOL! Wow, I had a good opinion of some of your ideas until I heard you say this.

    You gotta be kidding right? It’s quite evident you have no idea what good music is?

    Stick to Silver Duane or else get educated about what good music is.

  • matt

    c’mon Robert.. Everyone has an opinion and different music that resonates with them. To say one is not good while the other is, is pretty ignorant.

    Freedom of choice is what we all enjoy and not to be judged for our choices. 😉


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