Little by Little, Modern Legislation Leads to Draconian Theft

From Perpetual Assets

The threats to retirement accounts keep surfacing. Like anything else, the people that heed the warnings will be ahead of those that do not. This impending crisis reminds me of the 2007 pre sub prime debacle. The signals were present and warnings could be heard throughout the alternative media space.

Today is no different. The next collapse in confidence is just around the corner. The world is in a fiscal crisis. Do you think the ~$17 Trillion dollar retirement and pension piggybank will be safe? The bailout fund needed in the next crisis will be multiples larger than the famed TARP bailout in 2008.

If you ask most Americans they will tell you they don’t even expect to ever get all their pension or 401k. As a facilitator of the LLC IRA, a unique way to jailbreak an IRA and take it off grid, I am told by countless clients that they always viewed their pension or 401k as a phantom asset- something they would be lucky if they ever fully received. The system has done a miraculous job deceiving the public about retirement accounts. This will make an overhaul or even outright theft of these accounts not only possible but generally accepted in the face of a systemic fiscal meltdown.

We have been trained to accept a certain false truth regarding these accounts. Not only have we been conditioned to believe that we don’t own these accounts, but we have also been forced into a narrow scope of investments- all of which prop up the broken system. Contrary to popular knowledge, we can jailbreak these accounts and take the assets off grid, allowing almost any investment imaginable- with qualified funds in an IRA. The LLC IRA is the solution to government overregulation of IRAs.

The below excerpt from SHTFplan highlights some of the new legislation affecting the private pension industry. The video from Daniel Vision Victory below paints a great picture of the deception involved in these accounts. We couldn’t agree more with the risks. We are also focused on a solution- one that doesn’t cost you half of the account in taxes and fees. At Perpetual Assets we provide the most effective solution available to those people with money locked up in these accounts, the LLC IRA. To clarify- any IRA or former 401k should be eligible for this platform, however only about 15% of national 401k plans allow in service withdrawals, whereby you can rollover your balance to a self directed individual IRA platform while still employed. Therefore, to take Daniel’s message from the video even further- 85% of 401ks are not only scams, but slush funds of stolen, completely frozen capital.

“The $1.01 trillion spending bill being moving through Congress right now includes some new provisions that may come as a shock to millions of American pension holders. In a bipartisan deal that also included leaders of unions and retirement fund management companies, pension recipients who depend on the money promised to them during their working years may see significant cuts to their monthly disbursements.

There have been Senate hearings, exploratory committees and rumors over the years, but nothing had ever really been legislated so most Americans simply ignored it as another one of those “conspiracy theories.” Until now.”
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Video From Vision Victory

3 comments to Little by Little, Modern Legislation Leads to Draconian Theft

  • Moreliberty

    Let me guess, buy silver is your answer. Listen, I believe in much of what you write about but the fact that you sell silver and write about why it’s great.

    • Silver Shield

      So because I have aligned my life with my beliefs it is to be disregarded?
      You forget I was very successful in the debt and death paradigm and I left that to pursue more honest way of life.

    • If you think that gold is the answer, than feel free to chuck away $1200.00/oz for it at today’s 72:1 silver:gold ratio.

      Of course, just doin’ a few o’ these here whatchacall “mathemalogical figgerations” in y’own shoulder box tells ya when the ratio drops, your fiat->silver is going to get you more than your fiat->gold will.

      SS: The likelihood that we’re wrong, based on all of the history we’ve seen to date, is rather limited…but “those who know we’re wrong TODAY” tend to also know that, when what we’ve been saying all along actually comes about, they can still say we were wrong later, as well. (It makes them feel good to know that they’re right, no matter what.)

      In the meantime…let people “believe” that their “infinite zeroes and ones” have value, and that “things that can be proven to exist in the real universe” don’t.

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