Speeding Up the Attack on American Patriots (Happy 4th of July)

Well, plans are being ramped up to squash any and all resistance to tyranny within the United States.


Globalists are feeling the heat of their structure being exposed on a daily basis, by independent/alternative media, insiders, and in some cases even lame stream media itself. The chances that there are still honest reporters in the lame stream media who are not in the globalist loop, and reporting things they don’t realize they shouldn’t, are slim however. All of their broadcast points need approval before airing, it is rarely live anymore, so it is highly unlikely. The rare cases of people like Lou Dobbs who went under the censor’s radar and threw the globalists under the bus a few times, are few and far between. The fact that he is still on air though, leaves me unsure about the whole thing. It leaves one to wonder if he was re-educated, or they keep him around as the “crazy and angry old man”, to balance the multi-ring circus. I’d like to think he has dirt that protects him. The second tactic of hiring people like Glenn Beck to regurgitate alternative news and make it sound crazy, have begun to faulter as well. It did not take very long before most people not completely huffing the ether, realized this on the wagon/off the wagon drug addict’s sole purpose was specifically to take pieces by Alex Jones, twist them a little in some cases, and then repeat them on TV while laughing, crying, screaming, humping his chalk board, and dancing the Smurf….. obviously an attempt to discredit information. But, when card carrying members of Operation Mockingbird like Keith Olbermann start reporting some truths, it is another intention all together. Realizing the cat is half out of the bag, and ain’t going back in any time soon, it is now time for them to publically announce some things they have adamantly denied in the past, so as to attempt to control the situation a bit, before the fit really hits the shan, and so that nobody has to stay after school when it finally does. Because the average citizen has the memory of a goldfish, the transition from denial to partial admission will be mostly seemless. Pure stonewall denial worked well, before the internet machine threw a wrench in the whole works, (ironically, the net being one of their own DARPA inventions). Today though, it becomes necessary that they try to co-opt the truth by getting involved with it, the same way the Republicans in Name Only co-opted the Tea Party (a Ron Paul invention). You can look forward to truth being quasi-admitted by the networks, turned around, and somehow making “scary truthers” the enemies of status quo loving Americans everywhere.

One of Operation Mockingbird’s franchises, the Huffington Post, has now announced the upcoming release of the White House’s new counterterrorism strategy, which should appear on the White House website soon. The Deputy Stasi Goon in the White House, John Brennan, openly came out to the press that they will be targeting Americans who may have been inspired by al Qaeda to attack from within, and even said; “this is the first counterterrorism strategy that designates the homeland as the primary area of emphasis”. In almost the same breath however, he said that they will not be profiling for Muslims.  

Think about that for a second…… than a little more……. And now a little more…. 

The shell game of the bogus war on terrorism is being sped up to its final end…. To openly declare war on Americans aware of the globalist agenda. Not profiling for Muslims in a “war” started by supposed Muslim terrorists, is as asinine as not looking for suspicious clowns,  had we been attacked by killer clowns from outer space. Brennan’s explanation was that if Muslims in America were profiled, it would bolster al Qaeda’s cause, and anger them……. But it is ok to look for Americans possibly working with al Qaeda, because that’s more likely, right? Besides the fact that al Qaeda is a known CIA/Mossad/MI-6 creation, wouldn’t you think such a group might be more angry that Muslims were IN America to begin with, never mind that their American civil liberties were being violated?! Just a thought.

              But The Stage is Set

 But they have their stage props all set up to make it all seem real. After the BS killing of Usama bin Ladin (who had been dead for many years), thee establishment tried to push Anwar al-Awlaki as the new head of al Qaeda. In fact, he is from New Mexico and even dined at the Pentagon before 9/11. Another notable is Azzam al-Amriki , who puts together a bogus video now and again, telling his “followers” things, like using America’s loose gun laws to go acquire weapons to be used against the American people, and the like. In reality, “Azzam” is a fat Jewish guy from right here in America whos real name is Adam Pearlman. Pearlman’s grandfather was even on the Board of Directors at the Anti-Defemation League, making the whole thing that much more comical. His statements are clearly an attempt to validify the idea of American terrorists, and give “ammunition” to the huge efforts underway to disarm the American public, an effort that is being sped up along with the agenda’s end game. The obvious desperation to disarm isn’t even very well hidden, or carried out. Here in N.Y., Mayor Bloomberg has gone well out of his way to declare war on the 2nd Amendment, and going out of his jurisdiction to send undercover sting operations to gun shows in other states, trying to undermine the private sales of weapons. In fact, just about every scheister in this city is somehow or other involved in this, with Chuck Schumer being another prime example. Their counterparts in other cities such as Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, are up to the same thing. The source of these instructions is right here in N.Y. The U.N.’s open statement is the the piece of “art” they have out front, with a gun thats barrel is tied in a knot…… the same organization that apparently is all powerful, since our own President feels he can skip over Congress, and get U.N. permission to start a war with Libya. Guns are bad, but war against civilians is fine….. indeed.

The President himself got into it recently, with his operation “Fast & Furious”, which was an ATF operation where guns were sold to straw buyers by American gun shops (directed by the ATF), handed off to Mexican cartel members, who then used the weapons for crime here in the U.S., including the killing of Border Patrol Agents such as Brian Terry. The weapons could then be traced back to American gun shops. It does not take a genius to see the intentions….. as if South American drug lords with more money and connections than God, need to get their guns from a mom & pop store in the U.S. However, the whole thing got blown wide open, Obama was caught in the act, but simply called it a “screw up”.

The operation against free Americans is certainly nothing new, but the speed with which it is coming along is what is concerning. It was the original intention by George W. Bush, that his non-sense war on terror would eventually morph into a license to go after anyone deemed a threat to the good ol’ boy system of globalist conquest. It gave him the green light to go after Iraq, a country that wasn’t playing ball with the global empire, an excuse to invade Afghanistan for its commodity resources and cut them off from China/Russia, and put everyone else not playing ball on the shit-list, (aka the Axis of Evil). This caused Arab nations to heavily consider washing their hands of the U.S., and fleeing to the arms of Russia and China with their oil. And, tada!… we have “Arab Spring”, where out of nowhere all these nations want to get rid of their leaders (that were originally installed by the U.N.) and become democratic. Democratic, being the code word for part of the New World Order. And oh ya… al Qaeda is helping the democratic cause in these countries by fighting with the rebels…..yet……we should be careful they don’t influence Americans at home. After all, they might inspire us to fight for democracy perhaps? Hmmm.

The Tug of War for Veterans

The tug of war for veterans has become another part of the operation. The U.S. military is one of the last facets of government that still more or less functions, and is therefore a target by those collapsing our nation. Veterans like myself and Silver Shields whos military brainwashing has long since worn off for the most part, and sit around writing in blogs are one thing, and a medium the globalists certainly do not like. Newly returning veterans however, of which there are and will be many, are a cause for more heightened concern for the establishment. They are a threat, because they were recently part of NWO operations, still have the taste in their mouth, and could sway either way in the fight.  Those candidates who are truly of the naïve sort and believe they were “defending America”, along with the pure sociopaths who join the service for the power trip, will be the ones the establishment tries to recruit, (with emphasis on the sociopaths). Upon coming home, they will find few job prospects in the planned economic collapse, and will be easily convinced into government jobs that serve the establishment, and keep them in the same mental frame as within the service, without missing a beat. Obama has even spearheaded the effort.

For those veterans who realized what the deal was while abroad, and are returning with hostility toward the establishment, they will be targeted as American extremists, and a threat to safety. Veterans are already finding themselves on blackball lists, including the no-buy list for guns, with the excuse being they may have gone to visit a counselor a couple of times while on military duty, under the Veterans Disarmament Act. Naturally though, you are not on the list if successfully recruited by the government. The same way those that have dissent toward the establishment are tagged as conspiracy theorists, enemy belligerents (a Joe Lieberman/John McCain term), and the like, newly arrived dissenting vets will be tagged as mentally ill, and/or violent extremists. There is a large push to make it very easy for the government to be able to almost instantly categorize any veteran in such a way, even proposing something as Orwellian as “thought crime” filtering, using MIT’s Mind Machine Project. This would allow one to be silently put on “the list”, without a judge, jury, or even knowledge of the fact. Institutions such as MIT, Boston Dynamics, General Dynamics, DARPA and all the usual contracting suspects are moving to become the private military, and looking to get as many real military out of the way as possible, keeping only those loyal enough to be used in operations controller positions. Translation, is we are going to see technology take the place of organic soldiers. DARPA already has its project rolling for what can only be described as a “terminator”, while Boston Dynamics has its own creepy invention walking around, known as “Big Dog”. They are of course categorized as lifesaving inventions by their creators…. If lifesaving, means hunting.

To back that up, the Feds will most likely use the same entrapment tactic they use for Muslim false flag terrorism in the U.S. The FBI/State Dept. admittedly has gone out looking for low IQ patsies to “attempt” false flag attacks. The shoe bomber, underwear bomber, Times Square bomber, Christmas Tree bomber, etc. were all idiots used as fall guys for false flag operations. And, they were all magically captured dime on time by their FBI handlers, but the case for a larger DHS was made in the process. In veteran’s cases, they may find vets who truly are suffering mental distress/illness, are vulnerable, and set them up for an Oklahoma City type scenario. Once something like that occurs, it will be open season on any veteran not still part of the establishment in some form or another. In the process all other American patriots who are not veterans will be lumped in with them, and all will be made into one “group” that needs to be squashed for public safety. When the MIAC Report was leaked it gave a very scary insight into exactly what government has in mind for dissenters, and how they will be represented.

The cut-off has been made. Current vets are the last of the Constitutionally aware (some of them anyway), military of this country. Those coming in future years will have been heavily recruited from the pool of those indoctrinated since youth. The Boyscouts and even the Girlscouts of America have been literally recruited for going up against “rightwing extremists”, aka vets. Most of them may be kids, but as Hitler once remarked; “they will be 18 one day”. For those less likely to join the Scouts, there is Obama’s Civilian National Security Force, which incorporates youths and adults. The Youth Corps (or Obama Youth) is a group of kids, many minorities, who go through strange chanting/kung fu looking drills in allegiance, chanting “Yes We Can”. The adult group is essentially your average busy-body idiots who like spying on their neighbors, and knowing everything going on in their area. The aging baby-boomers would also be perfect recruits for this one, as they are at the age of wanting to be in everyone’s business, are having their benefits threatened and are clinging to government, and are increasingly perplexed by the changing world around them as they get older. They may be more easily convinced that their fellow citizens are up to no good. The sad part of this, is they do not realize those they may be spying on actually want a country that the older generations miss, and have only memories of.

Off The Grid

I am guessing that many an American patriot will try to go fully off the grid when this all heats up to a boil. It would after all, seem the most reasonable thing to do. When institutions and technology are trying to run our lives, and single some of us out, the simple answer is to simply withdraw and pull the plug out of the socket. People such as ourselves are the type capable of living in such a down low existence anyway, so it wouldn’t even be hard. The establishment knows this though, and going off the grid will be attacked as well, and somehow made illegal. After all, going off the grid usually entails getting away from metropolitan areas, as Silver Shields points out in “Are You Going to be a Refugee or Evacuee?”, and that goes against the plan of the U.N.’s Agenda 21, which keeps us all in confined spaces, living in austerity, and not being allowed to go to nature….. because nature belongs to the elite we serve, and our presence mucks up their lawn. One case in the UK just arose, where a couple trying to get off the grid were targeted by authorities, and given a vacate notice from the land they had just moved to. The Brits being one of the major engineers of this U.N. slavery diagram, it is no surprize. The same is happening to Canadians and Australians who live in the Queen’s realm. The U.N. being the arm of the Queen, it is a matter of time before such brazen violations of property ownership peer their ugly head here. It has already begun with big agra killing off private farmers, the mainstay of private land owners.

    So Where Does That Leave Us?
    In a very bad position, is where. The future is not so promising, but we must press on. Clinging together in groups may be the answer down the road, making it somehow harder for government to violate. However, “groups” are easily categorized as villains, gangsters, extremists, etc. so even this could prove difficult. But as they say, “divided we fall”. In the mean time, it is important to reach out to all patriots and all veterans to let them know, that the future orders they may receive, may very well be used against them one day as well. Let your fellow vets know you are not on the “fringe”, and on their side, or they may become your enemy. Brother should not fight with brother.

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  • Professor X

    I wonder why I get that weird grey box format when I publish. I write the article, email it to myself, copy it out of my email, & it comes up like this. But the last part I add before posting comes out normal. Any tech geeks know why?

  • James Woroble Jr

    Stock up for the next 4th…

    3/8″ Red/White/Blue Polyester/Polypropylene Heavy Duty 240lb-WLL Twisted Rope


  • Scout

    Professor X wrote, “I am guessing that many an American patriot will try to go fully off the grid when this all heats up to a boil. It would after all,seem the most reasonable thing to do. When institutions and technology are trying to run our lives,and single some of us out,the simple answer is to simply withdraw and pull the plug out of the socket.”

    I see this as about our only option, Professor, and I started three years ago. Not as a Lone Wolf, but as a Marine vet patriot forming alliances with like-minded brothers and sisters in my local community and in the cyber community. One such community for vets and their supporters is http://www.oathkeepers.org Join us. There is greater strength in numbers. We, you and I and the people who read this site, are the change we want to see. It is time to spring into action, but I am at a loss as to how to proceed. Anyone have a plan?

    I figure to continue working at the local and state level toward state sovereignty and using the right of nullification as provided in our Constitution: http://www.tenthamendmentcenter.com/the-10th-amendment-movement/

    Practice civil disobedience and “just say ‘NO’ to tyranny!”

    If the minority elite won’t relinquish control peacefully when they see the strength, determination and will power of the majority patriots, then we had best put in a bulk order for the product James has suggested. Might not be a bad idea to stock up individually now so we have it on hand if / when needed.

    Here’s a video based on a writing by Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize–winning author and former international correspondent for the New York Times, reminding us of the gravity of our situation and calling now for action:


  • James Woroble Jr

    They’re just a tiny dot. And once their fake money is deemed worthless, even by their own, their career paid guardians will massively abandon them in a New York minute! It will then be time for the Q-Tip and just a dab of cleaning fluid. You won’t believe how loudly a speck can scream.


  • Prof X,

    Your text comes out in gray box most likely because when you copied from your email, the formatting of your email was copied along over.

    next time, copy the email, post into notepad ( and not word), and then copy and paste into this website’s content mgmt system. This should fix that problem for you.


  • James Woroble Jr

    Happy Fourth of July – WE’RE COMING AFTER YOU!!!


  • James Woroble Jr

    Be sure. BE VERY SURE! For there is nothing romantic about revolution.

    HISTORY LESSON: What Became Of The 56 Men Who Signed The Declaration Of Independence?


  • James Woroble Jr

    Regarding the ‘Veterans Disarmament Act’

    In Vietnam SEAL teams used crossbows to occasionally silently take out sentries. But, to great amazement, there were these Australian ‘special forces’ units that used air rifles for this very same purpose. These were not ordinary air guns, but .30 cal pneumatic air rifles specially designed and manufactured by BSA (yeah, a division of the old English motorcycle company). Shockingly, they were devastatingly effective!

    Well, air gun technology has come a long way in four decades. And air guns aren’t covered in the ‘Act’. Shit, you don’t even need a license or permit in nearly every state! So, a little reprieve for the veteran ‘victims’…

    Benjamin Rogue ePCP Air Rifle

    And if it can take out a 225 wild hog, it will do just as well with that other wild white meat!

    Benjamin Rogue .357 Scores First Hog


    Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol

  • James Woroble Jr

    And now for a little history…

    Girandoni air rifle as used by Lewis and Clark. A National Firearms Museum Treasure


  • James Woroble Jr

    We’re being ‘Goldsteined’ out of our liberty and property. If America were not massively suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, it would be bombing Israel and sections of Brooklyn instead of Libya!

    Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief – Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI

    Former FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson, discusses terror attacks and who is behind them.


  • Old Boy Scout

    I have a Marauder pistol. The accuracy is unbelievable and the trigger is so smooth… you hardly feel any pressure on your trigger finger and she fires. A well placed shot to some soft tissue like a throat or nose or between the eyes will take a target out of the fight, short term or permanently.

    Solders have at times been taught, it’s better to wound your enemy, rather than kill him. To wound him, means he’s down and 1 or 2 others will drop from the fight to aid the wounded man. Just a thought.

  • T Ruble

    NO QUARTER to the enemies of the Constituitonal Republic. No facilities, not the man power nor resources to guard, feed etc those that are wounded or captured as enemies of the Constituition. If you think you will find quarter amounst the elite that are bringing this nation down you are sorely deceived.

  • Professor X

    Yves…..thanks for the tip, & Ill keep that in Mind.

    Scout….. Youre absolutely right, & I know many are already preparing. I find myself in the situation of being financially trapped in a metro area, & my comments I guess were more made in that mindframe. It aint easy……but theres lots of us in the NYC area, believe it or not.

    Keep up the Spirit brothers!

  • Plutarch1964

    If the elite are counting on the us military to bear arms against us they are in for a rude suprise……… never the less a little prepping goes along way !

  • James Woroble Jr

    @ ‘Old Boy Scout’

    The Marauder pneumatic pistol is every bit as effective and accurate as a .22 rimfire… less the noise.

    I have a friend who, with the shoulder stock accessory and scope attached, consistently take down deer with a paralyzing shot to the spine along the ridge of the back, about one inch down (not very legal of course). They drop like a rock! Good to know form a survival standpoint.

    Any good hunter, like a good warrior, makes a study of anatomy equally as important as a study of weaponry.

    As far as ‘…2 others will drop from the fight to aid the wounded man.’ This is the definative ‘Tao’ of the land mine! :-)

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