The Seed Bullet and the Seed Shield

A few thousand years ago, mankind learned the art of locally-produced food by studying how seeds grow and how to collect subsequent seed for the following season. This great art of cultivation allowed civilizations to settle in a certain location, and thus progressed man from the hunter-gatherer status in which he previously lived.  Although nomadic cultures existed – and still exist today in some areas of the world – new cultures rich in philosophy, science, arts, and economic activity  emerged as man was able to avoid the turbulent task of following a sometimes unpredictable herd of wild animals.  Since that time, and particularly in the past century, the common, everyday, run-of-the-mill man and woman has forgotten this great skill, and is neither nomadic nor a gardener.  This situation is perilous, and needs to be addressed immediately.

The current food supply is a global mega-farm wherein certain countries produce specific food types for the international market. This in-the-nick-of-time system relies upon the removal of import/export duties, cheap labor, the combustion engine, artificial pesticides and fertilizers, freezers and refrigerators, artificial preservatives, and, above all, cheap oil. This system, similar to global debt-based fiat currency system, is intrinsically fragile, amoral, and is implemented by the same people that are often referred to as ‘the elite’, ‘the ruling classes’, or as how I prefer to regard them – ‘the parasitical classes’.

With the same philosophy that underpins the Silver Bullet and Silver Shield’, growing your own organic produce both withdraws power from the parasitical class, whilst preserving your own ability to feed yourself. Food is THE most important thing we should consider, even before purchasing silver, as you cannot be sustained with metal alone – no matter how shiny or rare it is.  The parasitical elites know the end game is approaching, and will seek to trick, bully, harass, lie, and ultimately murder and pillage as this paradigm unravels.  Do you really want these psychopaths in control of your food supply?  As time progresses, these so-called ‘global leaders’ will push all sorts of lies, spin, and deception onto the unsuspecting public, and the strategies they employ will vary from country-to-country, so be mindful of the movements within your own government, both regional and national, when considering the global system.

Parasites that they are, the elites have noticed the growing trend for desiring home-grown foods in my home country – England – and instead of fighting against the trend using propaganda via the media; they have instead embraced it by supplying F1 hybrid seeds onto the market.  There are ‘grow your own’ seed packets in most supermarkets and garden centres that unless stated as ‘organic’ will undoubtedly be F1 hybrids.

The parasitical class are well aware that the term ‘organic’ is ambiguous, and there is indeed a slightly subjective slant to the concept. For some people it means you cannot utilize any pollutants, whereas a local for-the-market farmer will most probably use a van to deliver goods to customers.  The latter will emphasize minimal use of pollutants in their slant on what organic gardening is. However, every organic farmer will state the importance of purchasing real seed.  This is because the resulting crops produce fertile seeds for future use, thus ensuring the ability to both maintain and expand your seed-bank.  If you purchase and grow F1 hybrid seed you will need to purchase new packets in the future.  In other words, the parasitical elite will still control your food supply.

Similar to the currency versus silver thinking: imagine being left holding a seed-bank of F1’s instead of a seed-bank consisting of real seed.  What’s more, for the cost of just two ounces of silver, and with the correct knowledge and some practice, you can provide yourself with fresh, delicious vegetables for the rest of your life.

In England, the parasitical elite are conscious that their power diminishes if people grow their own food using real seed. So far, they’ve been successful in hood-winking the people into purchasing their F1 hybrids.  Indeed, in my conversations with various people, many of whom are new to the grow-your-own’ trend, I’ve ascertained certain beliefs that are under-pinned by the mistaken concept that they’ll be able to purchase seed in the future easily, and at a fairly cheap price.  F1 hybrid seed, however, is intrinsically linked to the global system we’ve unfortunately allowed to flourish whilst foolishly following our so-called ‘leaders’.  The system is flawed, due to break, and so also, therefore, is the supply of F1 hybrids.

To tackle such a misconception common amongst my fellow man, I only engage in themes regarding the global, Ponzi, debt-based, parasitical, amoral, unjust, murdering, and downright evil system that we live in with those that I know well, and feel comfortable around.  After all, not everyone is ready to listen to the truth – at least not at this particular point in time. So instead, the most common justification I use for purchasing real seed is this:  the crops taste better.

Unlike F1 ‘Frankenstein’ seed – that is produced to be grown using large amounts of petroleum-based fertilizer and pesticides in vast open fields – real seed is intended to be grown on a small scale, just like nature intended.  The seed you collect will be even more suited to your micro-environment than the initial seed you purchased, resulting in even tastier produce for your dinner table year-on-year.  Indeed, you should be extremely mindful of your micro-climate when selecting what crops to grow and methods to employ when undertaking organic gardening.  I shall address such topics in chapter two: Food glorious food. This chapter is intended to justify the importance of recognizing the role of real seed in undoing the parasitical elite’s web-of-control.

The populace of England have been appeased thus far with their desire for home grown produce, but as the world awakens, many will listen to the reasons behind the philosophy of purchasing real seed. The elite could then become more desperate and instruct their prostitute-media to inform the masses “about the dangers of not using F1 seeds”.  Or even worse, they’ll get very aggressive towards those selling organic produce/seeds whilst subsidizing firms peddling their Frankenstein alternatives.  Whatever the British Parliament does, the game may be played-out differently in various parts of the world.  Throughout this paradigm shift it will be wise to understand your locality in the context of law, culture, and, of course, designing and implementing your own organic garden.  Purchasing and growing real seed not only enriches you dietary-wise, it is also an attack upon the parasitical elites who’ve cheated, lied, and murdered their way to control of the global food supply.  When the music stops on their game, it’s wise to have had the foresight to acquire knowledge of organic farming, be in possession of a real seed-bank, have persuaded those around you of the benefits  and of course, to have some physical silver bullion.


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