Naturally End the Medical Industrial Complex

For many centuries, mankind has harnessed the power of herbs and other plants to provide remedies to countless ailments and illnesses. Within the current oil-based paradigm, the common man has lost touch with this knowledge, and has become dependent on government-sanctioned pharmaceuticals throughout the world, and especially in the western world. Although it is indeed debatable whether such oil-based products are more efficacious than their natural, often herbal, alternative, it should be assumed that oil-based pharmaceuticals will not be around indefinitely, and will become scarcer as the parasitical classes prioritize the use of oil. Providing home remedies was common for millennia, and it must become common again if man is to successfully move to the next paradigm.

Along with their attempts to monopolize the seed production industry with their ‘Frankenstein’ F1 hybrids, the parasitical classes have also attempted to control our medicinal supply. Various companies that operate in cahoots with most major western governments’ have emerged that use a combination of oil and plant-matter to produce a liquid, tablet, or pill of some sort. The governments often purchase such products using tax-payer money and then distributing them through their nationalized or semi-nationalized army of puppet doctors. In my home nation, the UK, Parliament spends approximately a quarter of all tax revenue on the National Health Service. A significant portion of this currency will be transferred towards the parasitical classes via their oil-based pharmaceuticals. Such products are often rushed onto the market without any reliable testing. Herbal remedies can be useful as both prevention and as a cure, but due to the ease at which many of them grow, no western government will promote them as the politicians are mere puppets of the parasitical classes.

Similar to acquiring silver for currency, and real seed for garden vegetables, we must simply ‘opt out’, and ignore the parasitical classes. They are few, and we the people, are many. Stop purchasing any product from these vampire classes as, by doing so, you’ll be contributing towards ‘starving-the-beast’. Feeding yourself and starving ‘them’ are mutually inclusive, and it’s important to understand that medicine is not simply a remedy or cure, it is also contained in you everyday food. Consuming fruit, vegetables, and herbs grown organically in your own garden provides numerous vitamins and minerals vital for the body’s immune system. Along with providing the physiological aspects of health, gardening is a psychologically rewarding experience, encouraging the mind to remain healthy. Psychological health and physiological health should be thought of as parts-of-the-whole, not as exclusive constructs. How many people currently engage in stressful jobs that result in mental-health problems whilst eating corporate mal-nutrition-full food every day? Many! Too many!

Eating healthily should help prevent illness, but sometimes, we all may become ill. Colds and influenza are common; but is it really necessary to go out and purchase mass-produced, difficult-to-digest corporate capsules, when mixing honey, lemon, and warm water together can ease the symptoms of a sore throat? Go and lie-down in dark, quiet room and get some rest to ease the other symptoms. Other plants, some of which many consider ‘weeds’, can help with burns, cuts, allergies and a wide variety of other ailments you may encounter. Aloe soothes the skin, whilst nettles can alleviate the effects of hay-fever. Always take caution, however, as herbs, like vegetables will be absorbed differently from person-to-person and so research the herbs/weeds that you intend to consume. Nature, although providing us with many nutritious plants, has also provided many that are toxic to humans. Please don’t eat plants growing naturally in your area before researching and identifying useful plant-life. Aloe shouldn’t be used if pregnant, and nettles – well nettles are an amazing plant. Just be careful they don’t sting you, but if they do you could always apply some crushed-up dock leaf onto the itchy bumps. The ultimate ‘weed’, however, is hemp.

Hemp is the arch-nemesis of the corporate petro-drug machine. Like silver, which is currently the Achilles-heel of the fiat/paper corporate wing of the parasitical-class’ intricate web-of-control, hemp really would render the vampire/vulture psychopaths as an obsolete entity. Not only can hemp provide paper, building materials, textiles, food, and fuel, it is also an excellent crop-rotation harvest that would assist in repairing the soil. Furthermore, the medicinal uses of hemp provide enough justification to tell the ‘law’ to descend back beneath the stone it once crawled. There is even evidence to suggest hemp is useful in treating cancer, and the research of this has been submitted to the puppet UN. Hemp should be legal, freely available, and also encouraged whilst we’re entering the next paradigm. The parasitical classes have demonized weed for a long time now, but as their grip-of-power depletes, we must grow it everywhere we think they’ll not see it with their ‘big brother’ network of CCTV and satellite dishes.

To conclude, obtaining real seed and learning how to garden for both food and medicine should be something we all must consider. Not everyone will be able to be active gardeners due to time limitations or lack-of-land, and many will not become 100% self-sufficient via their back garden. It’s important not to panic, and take things one-step-at-a-time. Why not grow a few real seeds this year, and a few more in 2012. Remember: with real seed you can maintain and expand your seed-bank. Together, we can provide enough food for ourselves, and many of us should survive after the annihilation of the parasitical class. Remember, like all parasites they need a host to live-on, we, as the host will be better off and thrive once people recognize the elite for what they truly are: a parasite. Peak-food will be an alarming experience for many, but the knowledge is ‘out there’ for sustainable living to be accomplished. Hemp is the most important plant to get ‘legalized’, and if you can/dare risk-it – plant some! Fundamentally, remember you’re part of the earth, and you should make an attempt to understand this underlying truth. I’m in no way religious – I’m agnostic in fact – but I shall leave you with this quote from the Bible:

“…for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” (Genesis 3:19)



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2 comments to Naturally End the Medical Industrial Complex

  • colin

    i brought my first hemp tablets the other week, the look i got from my family. priceless

  • Gareth the author

    Hey there Colin,

    I’ve heard you really should research where you’re buying hemp medicine from, as with all markets, some products are inferior to others.

    All the best,

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