Pedro Bernanke, Generational Theft and the 5¢ Coke

As I scream to the top of my lungs at the lunacy of Pedro Bernake’s policy, arrogance or stupidity, I realize that it really is not his fault. Poor Pedro is just doing the bidding of his master. It really is the fault of our Grandparents. See in America we all are victims, none of us are responsible for anything. So I have decided to join the bandwagon and blame someone else. (Secretly, I am hording silver as security when we adopt the Zimbabwean dollar as our currency of choice). See poor Pedro lost his job at The South of the Border many years ago as he tried to convince management that you really could print your own money and pay bills and float script around, raise prices on everything since Pedro dollars were basically worthless. Unfortunately the Federal Reserve and Treasury department didn’t like little Pedro doing that without their permission so they decided to pay for his education, free him from the depressing town of Dillon, SC and groom him to be a future FED Chairman. (He was secretly trained in an underground facility near Washington with warehouses of cash and surprisingly NO GOLD. It is reported that he was a star pupil.)

In 1913 when our dear loving Grandparents failed to stand up against the government, a dollar was worth a dollar, a Coke was five cents and the average wage was around $1200 per year. Wow, you are thinking, “how depressing!” Not actually, you see with the FED everything is an illusion based on a fiat currency, nothing really has a value other than what they tell you it has, including the dollar they float as the Federal Reserve Note (which is code for I am a Banker stealing you blind.) Anyway, you see in 1913 you could exchange that dollar for 1/20 ounce of gold. It meant something if you had money. If you had 1/20 ounce of gold today, that’s about $66. But since the MIGHTY Federal Reserve (which has no relation to the US Government, but let’s pretend) took over the control of the currency completely in opposition to the US Constitution, the dollar has lost a whooping 96% of its value. I can hear you screaming at you monitor in horror. Now you can be depressed because you are not making that much money in fact, less than you would have made in 1913. You see in 1913 you were paid in gold and silver. That $1200 in gold would have been around 60 ounces of gold! Your $30,000 salary today is only worth 23 ounces of gold! Who was richer? Who had more disposable income? If you said today’s $30,000 salary you are wrong again amigo. The person in 1913 paid no taxes. A loaf of bread was ten cents. Gas cost .08, and a Coke costs .05. By the way, that same mercury dime from 1913 will still by one loaf of bread. I’ll take the 60 ounces of gold from 1913 than the $30,000 in Federal Reserve Notes today, any day of the week.

That means the dollar you spend today is worth around three to four cents. NOT EVEN ENOUGH TO BUY A COKE IN 1913, *#%!$. Let me demonstrate, hold in one hand the worthless FRN (Federal Reserve Note) you call a dollar, (use a crisp one still warm off the press if you like) and in the other find four pre-1982 pennies. Guess which you can use to buy an ice cold coca cola if it were 1913, and get change back? If you guessed the Federal Reserve Note you are wrong. The four pre-1982 pennies, because they are 95% copper, are actually worth two cents a piece! If you are an average American (I know you are not average because you visit this site, but play along) making the average wage of $30,000 it has less buying power of the $1200 you would have gotten in 1913. BUT, don’t you feel good about making $30K?

Every patriot, freedom-loving, constitutionalist should oppose the Federal Reserve and demand that the currency be returned to a precious metal standard as the founders intended. Until that time you should be buying as much silver and gold as you possibly can afford.

Everything we are experiencing today can be traced to the Federal Reserve and their control of the money supply. The boom-bust economy is the result of the Federal Reserve and member banks, the inflation of goods and services since 1913, and the general decline of the standard of living. It is all an illusion. I thought the FED was created to control inflation and prevent economic recessions/depressions……seems to me they create them since 1913. Here is the history….recession of 1913-14,recession of 1918-19, recession of 1921, recession of 1923-24, recession 1926-27, depression of 1929-1933, recession of 1937-38, recession of 1945, recession of 1948-49, recession of 1953, recession of 1957-58, recession of 1960-61, recession of 1973-75, recession of 1980, recession of 1981-82, recession of 1990-91, recession of 2001, BIG DADDY recession of 2007 to present. That’s 18 recession/depressions in less than a 100 year period! The previous hundred years prior to the creation of this un-holy alliance with the central bankers we had 10 recessions/depressions. We need an Andrew Jackson today, he threatened to round up the bankers if they pursed a national bank act!

I heard that Healthcare Reform is needed because premiums have doubled in the last ten years. Yeah, you SIMPLETONS because you doubled the money supply over the last ten years for starters!  You see every time you add to the supply of fiat currency you ultimately increase the cost of goods and services. But of course they know this, it is the history of the world. Why would the Federal Reserve manipulate the currency knowing the outcome is inflation that will be unrecoverable? So I scream at the top of my voice for everyone to call your congressmen and senators and plead with them to pass HR1207. AUDIT the FED. Is it the answer? Maybe not, but it is a start. And who knows, one day our children may thank us for saving them from tyranny….or worse yet Pedro’s children. (Have you seen this guy!)

6 comments to Pedro Bernanke, Generational Theft and the 5¢ Coke

  • hellferbreakfast

    Hmmm… 1913. Wasn’t that about the time the communist party was established in this country also?

  • Mike

    SS, I love how you break down some of these concepts for your readers. While you, and us readers, might think about this stuff regularly, we’re regularly trying to educate others where the thought of no fed is just a crazy idea, and believe we’re making more $ now than ever. People don’t understand that FRN’s and a “dollar of value” are separate things, and how the manipulation of the currency supply is tantamount to slavery for those of us who work for a living.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Silver Shield


    All of the credit goes to Second Hand Lion our new contributor.

    Lots of great stuff coming from all.

  • Mike

    Whoops, didn’t notice the new contributor.

    Thanks Second Hand Lion!

  • bob klouse

    Glad to find your site. I have been warning fellow Americans for 40 years now about what you talk about on your site. The internet has brought, us all, together; and our ideas.I will be listening to you more often. I consider myself a very good writer.

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