The Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation

G.I.A.B.O.-For the sake of your own well-being, memorize this acronym. Refer to it often and do not ever forget it. Allow its meaning to seep into your consciousness, into your daily life. Let it guide you in your endeavors for it will keep you safe from the far-reaching tentacles of tyranny.

Extraordinary political events are taking place in every corner of the globe and unfortunately, American imperialism is at the heart of them all. The enormous privilege that comes with having the world’s reserve currency has been abused by Washington for so long that the world is teetering on the verge of economic anniliation.Immorality,illegality and greed now define the geopolitical landscape.Deliberation in the name of a global greater good has been completely abandoned.Once a shining beacon of freedom, America is now mistrusted and hated.Worse still is the apathy of the American people who seem content in relinquishing what little social, political, and economic influence they still possess to their multi-national corporate masters.

Our tax dollars are now facilitating the destruction of countries. The International Monetary Fund, an economic agency comprised of 187 countries, plays a key role in global economic affairs. Among its numerous responsibilities, it helps create the financing terms for loans to indebted nations. Their mission statement promotes economic prosperity for all, but, as a U.S. sanctioned financing arm, all it really does is serve the best interest of the banking cartel. Like a resilient parasite that cannot be killed, the IMF continues to wield the greatest weapon of mass destruction of all: the USDollar. The crisis playing out in Greece right now should be a concern to any man who values life. The banksters clearly have no intention of bailing out the Greek government or saving its sovereignty. Rather, through fiscal coercion, their aim is to overwhelm the Greek people with loans they know can never be paid back, and then use that debt as leverage to acquire the tangible assets of the state, thus rendering the downtrodden masses politically impotent and, for all intents and purposes, slaves to an emerging new world order. Nations of the world are but pawns in a plan so sinister that most human beings simply cannot fathom the scope of the wickedness or the increasing velocity of the deception. Greece is indeed a game changer. It is the frontline in the war against fascism. Should the Greek people fall into the clutches of the globalists, other nations like Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy will surely follow.

However, amidst the carnage, an alternate reality is emerging. Citizens around the world are no longer passively assuming the prostrate condition of servitude. The banking crime syndicate is powerful but it is not omnipotent. It can be defeated. Alternative websites and internet activists now reach millions of people and present a formidable challenge to the oligarchs. The soft, white underbelly of the enemy is now exposed. The re-emergence of precious metals as sound money has become the antidote to the poisonous debt injected into our daily lives by our oppressors. Let us stand strong with our friends in Greece; Let us take back our wealth; Let us never forget the importance of G.I.A.B.O. or the value of reason; but above all, let us never forget what it means to be free.

5 comments to The Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation

  • horxy

    A well put together article. The indeed are powerfull but only because of their debt/fiat system. Lets keep hammering away at their fortresss of straw.

  • OldDog

    It would seem that I am in the company of giants, and ill prepared to compete.
    Gentlemen let’s give em hell!

  • Bradley Manning is the wrong photo here. He is an actor,
    Assange a spook-cult child, Wikileaks a con. Analysts
    have so concluded from nature of limited hangout benefits,
    but, more dramatic, are actor photos found on Facebook!
    As heard on the Joyce Riley show,
    The Power Hour

  • Jeff Robertson

    Great article, probably one of the best I have read so far about this topic. We will not be servile to these tyrants any longer. They have been exposed and are now under the microscope. Their power is just illusion! lets take our country back and start a new. The time to act is now!


    Great article, thank you for that. Yes it is time to scratch off the PARASITES from our backs and drown them once and for all. I just HATE IT when dishonest thieves without moral STEALS the fruit of OUR labour. They produce NOTHING but steals EVERYTHING. They are NOT NEEDED nor WANTED.

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