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Well last week was an interesting week to say the least. My article 30 Reasons To Get Out of Real Estate and Into REAL Assets made it to the front page of Business Insider. Business Insider is actually bigger than the Drudge Report with 3.6 million unique visitors a month. Article syndication is by far the best way to wake people up. I encourage everyone to submit any articles you like on Dont-Tread-On.Me to send them to your favorite sites and request that they publish them. As long as there is a link back to the original article anyone can reprint any of DTOM’s articles.

This also goes for the social media links like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon. The more of you that submit and like those articles the more likely someone will read it. If we could get 100 thumbs up on a consistent basis on these articles, they could go viral in no time. Simply because that 30 Reasons article was on Business Insider it is not translated into Russian and German with two sites that picked it up. To think that these articles are reaching even people outside the English language is amazing to me.

The 30 Reasons To Get Out of Real Estate and Into REAL Assets is another article that I crafted to attack the intellectual foundation of another paper asset class. This coupled with my attacks on 401ks and IRAs expose the inherent risks people are exposed to during the mathematically inevitable dollar collapse. Diogenes did a great job following up this attack with 25 Reasons To Buy Gold and Dump Dollars exposing the dangers of even holding Federal Reserve Notes. It will not take much of the Quadrillions of fiat paper wealth to enter into the Real Asset market to explode these markets to the upside. These “fear” based motivators combined with the “greed” based motivator of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield combine to make a very powerful psychological cocktail for individuals to take action to protect their assets right now. Knowledge without action is death in a paradigm shift.

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin.

What really made the week interesting was opening my home to 12 new writers. Overall I was impressed with the articles that were submitted and it certainly broadened the discussion. We did have one disrespectful writer who took his 15 seconds of fame to throw up on the blog. He was dispatched with haste. I expected it would happen, but I knew it would be worth the price if we could find some more talented writers. I encourage everyone to read and comment on the new articles so as to give a vote of confidence or critique to the new guys.

I have many reasons to open up the DTOM site to new writers. First and foremost DTOM now has an avid group of readers numbering about 65,000 readers a month and that number seems to double every 3 months or so. I stumble upon great writers with these tiny Blogspot or WordPress sites that are putting out top quality material and they have NO audience what so ever. Unless you are a blogging masochist like me, it is very difficult to devote so much time and energy into something without any feedback. By opening up the site to more of these guys and girls, I hope to broaden our message but reach more people. If you are interested, send me an article to SS(at) SonsOfLibertyAcademy (dot) Com along with the name you want to use.. The one caveat I have to that is that you must be a member of the Academy and understand the principals of questioning everything.  I will not put up with narrow minded divide and conquer ideas that seek to distract us from the real enemy that owns and controls our paradigm.

In the Writers Wanted: Join Or Die and The Game Changer article I set forth an idea that we can reach critical mass in awareness by creating a unified platform for the Freedom Movement. Freedom is on the march and I hope this site or another site can be a catalyst for that idea to spread. There are enough conspiracy and business sites out there but very few sites that empower their readers to become Totally Free. We ask you to questions everything and not follow narrow doctrines. When you can see the world as it is, getting ahead of the curve is elementary. My hope is that as more people become aware of DTOM they will find the Sons Of Liberty Academy.

Another reason to open it up is to allow me to pursue other opportunities mainly creating a new project. I am committed to redoing something like the Academy. I would like to do a more condensed version geared towards the Awakening process so that people can understand what is coming even quicker. I have ordered the computer and I am working on the outline for this new venture. I am also going to make my film debut as I will be narrating this documentary.

I did stick my neck out for a very huge opportunity to actually work for a very prominent and very influential investor. If I am able to get this position, I believe that I can make unbelievable progress in spreading this message of real freedom. I think I laid out a very convincing case for me to get hired. After all where else are you going to get a Boston College grad with a Political Science degree, Infantry Marine, multi-million retailer, internet Real Estate marketer, and now freedom blogger to craft a message for investors. I really believe that the combinations of all of these skills will make for a very potent combination for an investment firm to craft a message that will attract more individual and institutional investors into real assets. I eagerly await to hear back from them this week. Even if nothing comes of this opportunity, I am excited by the opportunities that seem to be opening up to me after I took this Leap of Faith.

Last week was also one of the best weeks for people joining the Academy with over 600+ new members. I think this was in large part due to the Business Insider article and that people are now putting their friends and family’s email addresses into the “Yellow Star” box on the top right corner of the blog. By submitting the addresses to the “Join to Thrive” program they will get full access to the Academy, the 7 Total Freedom emails and get weekly mailers like this for free. Another opportunity if you don’t want to go that far is to send them to the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield article. That one article has awakened more people than any other single article I have written. We do not have much time left and I think this Fall is going to be the “big one.” By signing them up to these assets you are going to have a better chance for your loved ones to sober up on their own than hours of rattling off facts.

By Silver Shield,on July 8th,2011

“You can fool some of the people some of the time,but not all of the people all of the time.” –Abraham Lincoln

We are in a major paradigm shift that like a tsunami starts slowly and ends with the landscape wiped clean. The paradigm shift is from paper assets to real tangible assets. This shift happens every generation or so,where one asset class dramatically outperforms the other. The 40′s and 50′s paper assets like stocks and bonds were the place to be. In the 60′s and 70′s real assets like oil,cattle and precious metals were the best performing assets. In the 80′s and 90′s paper assets once again reigned supreme. Since 2000 there has been a real rush form paper assets to real assets once again. This paradigm shift will be much more dramatic than anything we have seen in our life time. This asset shift is going to coincide with a major shifts in demographics,politics,and world power.

Read more…

30 Reasons To Get Out Of Real Estate And Into REAL Assets

By Scott Wolf,on July 9th,2011
00000002“All paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value-zero.” -Voltaire 

Friday,June 3oth marked the end of the Federal Reserve’s second round of money printing,a.k.a QE II. This should be welcome news,but a serious problem has emerged. The USEconomy and the USGovt are now so dysfunctional that both have become completely and hopelessly . . . →Read More:Coming Soon To A Country Near You:QE III

By Number 6,on July 8th,2011
pnacplan18apr09A serious movement,for good or ill,generally develops strategies and plans for long-term execution. Such strategies may not be evil in and of themselves. The end result will eventually reveal the true nature of the scheme. 

Sun Tzu wrote the seminal “Art of War” somewhere at the turn of the 5th century B.C.,whose . . . →Read More:See How The Elite View The World In The Globalist Map Room

By Aaron Turpen,on July 8th,2011
02victory_gardenGardening is about more than just old ladies tottering in the back yard or suburbanites growing special tomatoes and odd herbs for the kitchen. Gardening has five distinct advantages that everyone can enjoy – in both good times and bad. Plus,the usual excuses for gardening are all just excuses – anyone can garden anywhere, . . . →Read More:5 Reasons To Garden PLUS 5 Ways To Do It 

By Second Hand Lion,on July 8th,2011
patrick henryI decided to jump back on my horse today after reading the headlines that the Department of Labor has issued a report that unemployment claims dropped to only 418,000. Surely to be revised up next week to 1,000,000 or some number in between. 

Cheers and champagne corks are popping at the White House,as another . . . →Read More:Great Freedom Requires Great Responsibility

By Diogenes,on July 7th,2011
screen-capture-2Debt-based fiat money,which implies never ending debt and constant inflation,is not a sound,stable or sustainable monetary system. Major economic problems today,such as rising global commodity prices and the sovereign debt crisis,are not aberrations or inherent problems of capitalism,but are the inevitable consequences of a centrally planned system that,by . . . →Read More:25 Reasons To Buy Gold and Dump Dollars 

By Charles Petzold,on July 7th,2011

I had heard of Jan Irvin some time ago,but sort of dismissed him offhand as someone who concentrated heavily on the “liberal arts”and astrology,and as someone possibly who should not be taken seriously. Until recently however,when I realized that what he was talking about was actually the cruxt of ancient thinking, . . . →Read More:Regaining Critical/Independent Thinking

By Redneckistanian,on July 7th,2011
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA 1928 half-dollar has a beautiful image of Lady Liberty walking to the left (called a ‘walking Liberty’). The quarter dollar at that time has a standing image of Lady Liberty (called a ‘standing . . . →Read More:It’s Called The American Dream Cause You Have To Be Asleep To Believe It 

By John Masters,on July 7th,2011
MK-CrossRetail investors around the world are increasing purchases of Silver. This is partially due to the renewed demand for Monetary Silver. From its American beginnings as an alternative to inflationary currencies,to an antidote to deflation,silver has returned as the last bastion of safety for those fleeing monetary chaos. 

The Founding Era of the . . . →Read More:You Shall Not Crucify This World On A Cross of Greenback.

By Charles Petzold,on July 6th,2011

Over the weekend,I tried my best to enjoy our Independence Day,despite the fact that I have all this information about our true state of being rattling around in my head. I spent the 4th in Weehawken N.J.,overlooking Manhattan,and watching the Macy’s fireworks show. The main street was blocked off by police, . . . →Read More:The Purposeful Thwarting of American Integration

By Old Dog,on July 6th,2011

By OldDog

One can safely assume that in many cases rage and murder our joined at the hip,and in some cases,the reason for the rage provides justification for the murder. In other cases,murder is committed with no rage at all,just a cold calculation that it will result in . . . →Read More:DOES RAGE JUSTIFY MURDER?

By voxOnox,on July 6th,2011
screen-captureAdolph Hitler’s systematic march towards the death count of 20.9 million.{*1*} Czechs,homosexuals,handicapped,Italians,Jews,jobless,Poles,Serbs,Ukrainians,and many other innocent noncombatants is so inconceivable that a principal reaction to the horror of Hitler’s Holocaust is ‘How could the working class German people standby or worse yet participate?’ 

The silence and . . . →Read More:Conscious vs. Conformity

By Scott Wolf,on July 6th,2011
Hisnameisbradleymanning_l-360x270G.I.A.B.O.-For the sake of your own well-being,memorize this acronym. Refer to it often and do not ever forget it. Allow its meaning to seep into your consciousness,into your daily life. Let it guide you in your endeavors for it will keep you safe from the far-reaching tentacles of tyranny. 

Extraordinary political events are . . . →Read More:The Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation

By Old Dog,on July 6th,2011
angry_baby-1One can safely assume that in many cases rage and murder our joined at the hip,and in some cases,the reason for the rage provides justification for the murder. In other cases,murder is committed with no rage at all,just a cold calculation that it will result in profit of some kind. Without . . . →Read More:Where is the Rage? 

By Second Hand Lion,on July 6th,2011
Ben_Bernanke_GuiltyAs I scream to the top of my lungs at the lunacy of Pedro Bernake’s policy,arrogance or stupidity,I realize that it really is not his fault. Poor Pedro is just doing the bidding of his master. It really is the fault of our Grandparents. See in America we all are victims,none of . . . →Read More:Pedro Bernanke,Generational Theft and the 5¢ Coke 

By Silver Shield,on July 5th,2011
Writers WantedI put forward an idea a few weeks ago called  Game Changer:Join or Die about creating a new site with the 50 best bloggers out there. The concept was that these men have been calling for the collapse of the dollar and that all of society needs to be aware and prepared for this . . . →Read More:Join or Die:Writers Wanted 

By Gareth,on July 5th,2011

For many centuries,mankind has harnessed the power of herbs and other plants to provide remedies to countless ailments and illnesses. Within the current oil-based paradigm,the common man has lost touch with this knowledge,and has become dependent on government-sanctioned pharmaceuticals throughout the world,and especially in the western world. Although it is indeed . . . →Read More:Naturally End the Medical Industrial Complex

By Gareth,on July 5th,2011
heirloom_seedsA few thousand years ago,mankind learned the art of locally-produced food by studying how seeds grow and how to collect subsequent seed for the following season. This great art of cultivation allowed civilizations to settle in a certain location,and thus progressed man from the hunter-gatherer status in which he previously lived.  . . . →Read More:The Seed Bullet and the Seed Shield 

By Country Codger,on July 5th,2011
1302879630-52In my last article I promised you an almost all inclusive list of the things you will need to survive the Second Great Depression. To do this let us look at some of the lists that helped shape the founding and backbone of this great nation for over two hundred years. Early settlers and pioneers . . . →Read More:True Independence:Part IV 

By Gareth,on July 5th,2011
image“The whole world is a garden,and what a wonderful place it would be,if we each took care of our part of the Earth,our garden.”Anonymous 

Contemporary gardening has become a project rife with aesthetic objectives throughout the western world. Beautiful gardens containing non-edible,non-native and often difficult-to-cultivate plant-life have become the . . . →Read More:Food Glorious Food

By Silver Shield,on July 4th,2011
screen-capture-1Today is the 235th anniversary of our independence from the British Empire. It is so hard to get all teary eyed about how wonderfully free we are when I know that the Founding Fathers would be disgusted  by what we have turned into. In the Sons of Liberty Academy I say that the American Revolution . . . →Read More:Rekindle Your Fire For Freedom 

By Silver Shield,on July 4th,2011


We went with a much less “biker”look and I think it came out really good. Judging by the sales this will not last long since we will only produce 144 of these shirts. Support the Academy and help other become Aware and Prepared. Click Here to order.

Wake Some People Up! . . . →Read More:The New Academy Shirts Are In!

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