A Monetary Metal-Bug’s Currency Solution

Throughout this article you should sense the fact that I’m a devout monetary metal-bug. Unlike physical paper notes, monetary metal has intrinsic value, longevity, and encompasses a truly finite limit of currency if used correctly.  Whilst both notes and coins can carry a pre-determined value either stamped or printed upon them, monetary metal coins also have the intrinsic value of type, purity, and weight.  Personally, I despise the fact that my philharmonics have a stamped value of 1.5 euro upon them.  I discuss the problems with ‘legal’ currency in a different article called  “the dangers of lawful currency”.  This article will explain why I regard monetary metal as the ultimate currency, a weapon against the parasitical class, and includes suggestions of how private investors can help resolve the illusory currency crises we’re currently experiencing.  Primarily I’ll focus upon gold, silver, and copper.  Although I believe platinum and palladium could be used as trade for big business, be essential in future cold-fusion energy, and also serve as an excellent store-of-value, they have no historic usage as currency, and are certainly not monetary metals the masses will consider using for day-to-day purchases. Neither will I go in-depth describing the various alloy coins currently used throughout the world – although I will mention such coins in the context of monetary debasement.  I shall commence with the historic king of all monetary metals –gold.

Gold is, and most probably always will be, the ultimate monetary metal and has been viewed as such since recorded history began.  The allure of gold is immense, and one simply has to hold a handful of this metal to understand at an intuitive-level just how precious and rare this metal truly is.  Central banks around the globe are gobbling-up gold at an ever increasing rate after decades of dumping gold onto the market to suppress the price.  Gordon Brown sold half of the British-held gold reserves in 1999 in an obvious attempt at price suppression.  Whilst many suggested his actions were to raise revenue, I personally believe it was a deliberate attempt to ‘kill-off the bear’, and confine gold –as currency – to the history books.  Brown’s Keynesian delusions cost my home country dearly, and it’s an act he’s never been called to justice on.

In 2011, as stated, the dash-to-gold is growing in momentum and as a wise-man once stated, “With gold, one can hold payment from a life-time’s work in the palm of your hand”.  Gold will play its role in the current monetary battle between the Keynesian paper-bugs and the Austrian-school capitalists in the upcoming years, but it probably isn’t as powerful-a-weapon as silver.  That’s because the parasitical classes probably don’t have much silver, and although is obvious they have less gold than they claim, silver is clearly their monetary Achilles’-heel.

Silver is widely regarded as gold’s little sibling, and is even scoffed-at by some devout gold-bugs throughout the world.  Thought of as cheap and too difficult to store by many, the opportunity for the poor and lower-middle classes to become very wealthy in the next paradigm are clear to see.  Gold is primarily a monetary metal and most of the gold mankind has un-earthed is still available in the form of jewellery, ornaments, gold coins, and gold bars.  Silver has been squandered – literally.  Estimates suggest we’ve used-up thousands of years of silver-mining in just a mere few decades as silver has emerged to become the second-most used commodity after oil.  Furthermore, we’ve effectively been in a pseudo peak-silver period for most of that time.

During the first half of the nineteenth century, many currencies in the world had silver coins in circulation. In my home country, England, pre-1920 coins contain 90% silver, whilst 1920-1947 coins contain 50% silver.  Since 1947 the government absorbed such coins, melted them down, and effectively stole the wealth of UK citizens.  In the US, coins containing silver were in circulation for a couple more decades, and throughout the world the story was similar – debasement, followed by the removal of silver in coins.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, many governments around the world had a store of silver.  The US government accumulated the largest stockpile of silver the world had ever witnessed, but since that time has been flooding the market to suppress the price caused by physical demand – a demand driven primarily by industry.  In the previous couple of years, governments have lost their ability to suppress the price – after giving their citizen’s wealth away – and effectively ran-out of physical silver.  David Morgan states that governments currently store gold but none store silver.  If you’re wondering where all that silver went, you should go and take a look at your local land-fill garbage site – some will be in there.

Mike Maloney reports there is less 9999 silver-bullion for investors to purchase than gold, and although there’s still more silver than gold in the ground, above ground stockpiles of silver will be lower than gold in the imminent future.  Peak-oil will become more obvious in the upcoming years, and although many don’t regard it as a significant problem, nor understand it totally, such people will soon appreciate the magnitude of difficulty involved in prioritizing usage of the world’s number one commodity – ‘black gold’.  In essence, oil will be rationed, and I’m not sure how much will be used to unearth more silver.

Although governments are now unable to suppress the price of silver through giving their citizen’s silver away, the computerized stock market is still active and kicking-the-can-down-the-road to manipulate the spot-purchase price.  Despite many warnings from many people, the sheeple recently became hood-winked into paper-silver via the ETF scam, and were slaughtered as ‘they’ slammed silver down $15 in a mere few days.  As many people warn, “Buy bullion, and take deliver” – good advice indeed.  Due to the paper manipulation in silver, some researchers, including Bix Weir, estimate that the current paper-to-physical ratio is around 500-1.  Considering the spot price is around $35 the true value is, in theory, approximately $17k per ounce.  Weir also insists that the manipulators can place the spot price at anything from zero to infinity, and he may be correct.  Regardless of the spot price, the value of silver is about to sky-rocket beyond many people’s imagination.  Mike Maloney suggests the current trend for the dash-to-gold is part of a wealth cycle, one in which all wealth currently measured in fiat/paper currency will be absorbed by tangible assets – primarily gold and silver.

Abstract thought is not possible for everyone, and imagining future events and how wealth is transferred from one asset class to another cannot be fully appreciated by the masses.  To picture the wealth being transferred towards silver, try using Weir’s 500-1 ratio as an example.  Picture in front of you a wide-circumference one ounce coin, for example a Mexican Libertad. Now visualize one-hundred-and-seventy $100 bills rolled up tightly and placed in an upright position on top of the coin.  Now place your finger on top of the roll and compress it into the silver coin. Imagining the process is perhaps less exciting than imagining the result, so now visualize picking-up the silver Libertad and going to purchase a brand-new standard car.  As Maloney states, “it’s the biggest wealth transfer in the history of mankind”.  Indeed.

Silver and gold will be tremendously over-valued in the next paradigm, and a handful of either coins will allow you to set-up the business you’ve always dreamed of doing, travel to places you’ve always craved to see, or even retire if you so wish.  Personally, I cannot see gold or silver being used for anything other than big purchases, big business, investments, savings, and international trade.  This will leave people with a shortage of currency; a shortage I believe should be filled by the less-valued monetary metal – copper.

In bygone times, the common man was able to purchase his day-to-day items with a mere handful of copper coins.  There is absolutely no reason why this cannot be repeated, and there is no excuse for not advocating 999copper bullion as a solution to the illusory currency crisis being spread by the banking cartel and their puppet politicians throughout the world.  With seven billion of us currently here, silver and gold are not viable options when all you require to purchase is a pint of milk or a loaf of bread.  Copper, however, is relatively abundant, has a store-of-value, can be used as an asset that’s no-one else’s liability, can be forged into sizes based upon weight, and, most importantly, has a history of being used as currency by many people throughout the world.  Essentially, there is an opportunity to solve the global currency crisis through forging copper coins and distributing them throughout the economy once the battle to destroy the parasitical classes has been completed.

In late 2010 I became interested in purchasing some copper bullion to take as immediate delivery and so I conducted a web search.  At that time the only amounts I could purchase here in the UK were industrial measures involving wire, and huge lumps. Obviously, as I’m not a builder or electrician etc, I didn’t proceed with any purchases, but a few months later I decided to have another gander.  There are now half a dozen independent small-scale and copper-only sites selling copper bullion to the public.  This trend truly warms my heart as it is an omen that the working classes are ‘waking up’ to the banking cartel’s insidious PONZI schemes and starting to get their hands on some monetary metal.  The common man making $10-$20 purchases of copper bullion  is an ominous sign that the general populace is nearly ready for Weir’s ‘good guys’ to collapse the banks.  The Orwellian catch-22 of “they cannot rebel until they awaken, and they will not awaken until they rebel” is proving to be a fallacious concept, and as the proletariat commence to gobble-up copper, it’s the duty of all monetary metal-bugs to not engage in petty arguments and embrace the real war –  monetary metal versus fiat paper.

To conclude, I seriously doubt there’ll be enough gold and silver to serve as day-to-day currency in the next paradigm and believe copper bullion could serve this purpose.  As I explain in “link to dangers of lawful currency” currency} I’m not saying it should be forced upon the public – let the free-market decide upon currency. Indeed, allowing lawful currency is what’s created the current mess to begin with.  Also, I’m not suggesting you stop buying silver in preference of copper – in fact, buy as much silver bullion as you can afford.  I am saying that the trend of working-class people buying copper bullion is a trend to be celebrated, and a sign that people are indeed ‘waking up’.

8 comments to A Monetary Metal-Bug’s Currency Solution

  • PitBull Pappa

    I’ve seriously considered investing in copper bullion coins/bars, but have been saving pre-1982′ pennies instead since they are still abundant and free to acquire by exchaning FRN’s for rolls of pennies at the bank for free. All that one has to do is get a set amount of Pennies each week and search through them for the pre-1982′ pennies and deposit the rest back into the bank… repeat as desired.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • twisted titan



  • Second Hand Lion

    I have a few Copper Bullion rounds from Westminster Mint. Nice looking round. Something different and you never know, may buy groceries for a week.

  • So far any copper bullion I have found online has been way overpriced. Saving copper pennies is the way to go as Pitbull Pappa said. My wife works for a bank and brings me home some pennies every week. Currently my copper/zinc penny ratio is around 20-25% depending on the batch of coins I get. Only once did I get a group of coins that didn’t have any “coppers” in it. Obviously someone else is doing this at her bank. She did bring me a solid roll of silver Rosies dimes once, my coup for the entire project. I store my copper rolls in a surplus .30 ammo can, it’s the perfect size for pennies and holds almost 100 rolls in a easy (albeit heavy) way to transport should the need arise.

  • KBMN

    Sorry Gareth, but we don’t want commodities as money. I know silver and gold have worked in the past, but it’s really too cumbersome to use them. Money is merely a symbol of the fruits of our labors, and we can use anything for that symbol! A fiat, full-reserve, publicly created money works just fine. The only thing silver and gold as money do is (1) limit the supply of money to as fast as you can dig it out of the ground, and (2) prevent counterfeiting, because it’s a real thing. The metals themselves have NO INTRINSIC VALUE! it is only the government or the law that gives gold or silver coins their value, or in the case of a commodity, the demand or value that someone gives it / is willing to spend on it. How much was gold “worth” before FDR confiscated private gold, and how much was it worth afterwards when it was re-valued by fiat?

  • Gareth

    Hi KBMN,

    If you check my other post “the dangers of lawful currency” you’ll recognise I’m no fan of the government telling citizens what currency is and what it isn’t. People should be able to us whatever they choose as currency.

    Monetary metal is an excellent store of value btw: man has used gold for millenia as for this purpose.

    Also, as silvershield states, what will you do as the wealth gets transfered from fiat/paper assets to gold and silver? This transfer of wealth has occured before at national/regional levels. This time, however, it’s global.

    It’s your life, and you must do whatever you believe to be correct, but I’m personally gonna keep stacking-up on monetary metal at this moment in time.

    All thre best,

  • Gareth

    Also, I’m curious as to why you perceive silver has having no intrinsic value? I realise at a philosophical level most items merely have subjective value, but I’m sure you wouldn’t state that oil has no intrinsic value, would you?

    Silver is the second most used commodity after oil. Think about that!

    All the best

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