The Only 6 Choices In Your Russian Roulette Future

You Only Have One Choice... Choose Wisely.

I’ve been on a crash course in economics and our monetary and banking systems. It was Don’t Tread On Me and sites like it as well as some very close friends that finally got my attention as to the current and truly woeful state of affairs in this country. The saying where “once I was blind, but now I see” has never been more true for me now that I GET IT! The kicker for me was in coming to the conclusion that I really had no choice but to 1) invest heavily in precious metals (first silver, and now in gold), and 2) take active measures to protect myself and my family should the SHTF (prepping). When I methodically looked at all my options, here is the logic train that helped me come to that inescapable conclusion: In the end, we as individuals and families really have only six different options regarding our future economic survival, and indeed, perhaps for the preservation of our very lives.

Option #1: Do Nothing At All. This approach to dealing with the future is what I call the ‘Ostrich Approach’. Putting your head in the sand seems to unfortunately be a widely held viewpoint. It holds to the position that life will keep going on just as it always has. It says ‘the money situation is not that bad, the economic situation in the world will turn the corner, you’re blowing everything way out of proportion, and it’s all going to be ok and will all return to normal soon so there’s no need to prepare for anything really bad.’ Well, for me – as it is for many of you – this is no option at all. Remember the movie Animal House? Of course you do. Remember the scene at the end where Kevin Bacon is standing on the sidewalk screaming to the crowds “remain calm! All is well…ALL IS WELL!!” (and then he gets trampled?). He reminds me of many of the people I’ve tried to convince that PM’s (precious metals) and a little prepping are the way to go (and very smart thinking). These folks are telling me ‘don’t you think you’re overreacting a little?’ One last thought before I leave this option behind… years ago the rock group Rush wrote a song entitled Free Will that had the following lyric: “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”. Those who do nothing at all to prepare for the inevitable future will all too quickly find that all their choices will have been taken away from them.

Option #2 says: “OK, I do believe things are going to get worse, but the government will take care of us if the SHTF… won’t it?” This viewpoint says that the police, the National Guard, our local and state governments, and our beloved federal government will provide for us when that time comes. And that the good old banking system will protect my money – after all, it’s FDIC insured, right? Personally, I think I actually like option #1 better! At least then I haven’t admitted to being a complete fool. People, our government can’t take care of us now, and indeed, truly does not care about us except for the fact that we pay taxes. Are you really willing to trust yourself and your family to the care of local or state officials when the money supply is completely debauched and (oh my gosh!) virtually all commerce has come to a screeching halt? Or when the public water supply is gone and your money – what little you could get to before the crash – won’t even buy you a can of beans? I can see hundreds/thousands of people standing around with hands outstretched saying “where’s my share? C’mon, my kids need to eat, too!” It would be a Katrina-like scenario on a national level – only worse – and in the end, this is no real option.

Option #3: “OK, I really do believe things are going to get worse, but if the SHTF, I’ll still be able to provide for my family… won’t I? I mean c’mon…how bad can it really get?” This viewpoint says that you basically trust that: our monetary system will remain largely intact and your dollar will still buy roughly what it can today, the markets won’t fail, your savings and 401K’s will survive, the (electric) grid won’t fail, commerce won’t fail or be drastically affected, gas will still be readily available, your bank will remain open for business, your job will still be there and need you, Wal-Mart will still be there and the shelves full, and so forth. This viewpoint essentially says you have not truly considered how horrible it would be to look into your child’s eyes and explain why there is no food in the house. Or how hard it would be to tell your wife/husband that all your savings are gone and you have no way to provide now. The Bible (yes, I believe in God’s word) says: “if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he… is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8). I don’t know about you, but I am going to provide for my own household. I am not willing to trust in a devaluing dollar, or any other government plan, agency, or handout, nor can I believe that the current world system is going to heal itself somehow.

Option #4: “OK, I believe things are going to get worse, but as a Christian, I believe the Lord is going to come back before it gets too bad in this country”. Really? How can you be so sure? I am a staunch believer, but I also know what the Old Testament reminds us about God’s chosen people suffering right along with the unbelievers of their day. There were at least 3 horrible times when God allowed his believers to be carried off into captivity right along with the unbelievers. This happened in large part because of the horribly sinful leadership, who led their country and people into many of the same practices we’re seeing in this country do today. So the believers were carted off to Assyria and then later twice to Babylon. The old were slaughtered as were the babies and pregnant women. Young men and women sold off into slavery or worse and families were separated forever. So what makes us so haughty as to believe the Lord will spare us as believers should some future calamity descend on this country when there are Biblical precedents for a similar incident? While I believe the Lord will return for His church, it’s going to be in His timing…not ours. I’m a student of Bible prophecy, and I can’t find a single (even veiled) reference to the United States in Revelation or any book of Scripture that refers to the end times. How else would you expect a nasty fellow like the Antichrist to so easily come to power other than the scary possibility that our country does not exist as a world power anymore by his time? In the end, God’s given us wisdom… the brains to see ‘the forest for the trees’ so to speak. He expects us to use that wisdom as well as the wealth He’s entrusted to us to protect our families and loved ones. I don’t know about you, but I think I know a little about how Noah must have felt… I know there’s a flood coming, and despite all the ridicule I’m getting about preparing for it, nevertheless, I WILL PREPARE.

Option #5: “If it gets that bad, I don’t want to live in a world like that, so…” Just as in the early days of the Great Depression, when suicide seemed like the only way to some, so it may be the case in the future. We are a society of want it now/need it now people. We have grown fat, dumb, and unhappy. Without the basics of life; Wal-Mart, electricity, NetFlix, running water, satellite TV, the internet, crystal meth, etc., some unprepared folks out there will have a tough time coping with the “new reality”. But even if I wasn’t a man of faith, this would not be an option for me.

Option #6: “OK, I believe things are going to get worse, SO I’M GOING TO PREPARE! For all the reasons found on this website and hundreds of others like it (and those dealing with the subject of prepping), begin by hedging your financial position with physical silver (in your possession ONLY), then gold as you can. As far as caring for your family downstream – food, water, etc., will be essential. Even FEMA and many other federal and state organizations are recommending you have a minimum 3-day supply on hand, and many are starting to say you need much more now. If you think 3-5 days is enough, you’re probably doing more than the majority of Americans. But, if you’re reading this treatise, then you probably already have well more than a 3-day supply available. Here are what many think are some of the key elements of successful preparedness: read all you can, study (especially the “old ways”), educate your family, prepare for the worst, store up, expect the unexpected, hedge yourself financially with PM’s, keep ready cash on-hand, keep extra gasoline and water available, become informed, pay no attention to ridicule, pray for your family, don’t trust the media, and don’t rely on the government to protect you or provide for you and yours should the SHTF.
There may be another option or two out there, but this logic led me to conclude there’s really ONLY ONE OPTION… PREPARE.

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  • Thomas

    #4 gets a BIG AMEN! I get the same flak from all my Christian brothers and sisters! They think that worrying about money is evil, because “money is the root of all evil”; and therefore we should just “trust God” to miraculously save us. My only hope is that God does save them, despite their fallacy!

  • doug

    Money is not the root of all evil but it is ” the love of money is the root of all evil”,big difference as it is one of the biggest misquotes in the bible.As a Christian its ok to be loaded and blessed beyond measure as long as the love of money doesn’t pull you off your path and walk with God.Yes i took some flak also from fellow Christians as to “why are you hoarding silver and pulling your cash out of the system, don’t you know God will provide”.My response is always the same,yes He did provide me with the wisdom not to be foolish and gullible to be herded with the masses down a path of destruction and silver and gold are Gods currency.But when the SHTF gold and silver will be a good witnessing tool for believers and their generosity to share what we “hoarded”.good article cheers

  • Second Hand Lion

    Great article and comments.

    I know people in all categories. Two close family members that fall into #4.

    Corrie T. Boone wrote in an early book that the rapture theology is a very dangerous position to take since there is no definitive agreement on its validity and interpretation. Therefore many will be caught unaware as in the parabel of the virgins. Half were prepared and half were not. Clearly all were brides of the bride groom. But I digress.

    I always find it interesting that fellow christians will point to the old testament stories such as Joseph who prepared Egypt for the years of famine or Noah who prepared with an ark, but things are now different in that God will provide. That is true, if you have breathe, a brain, and monetary means He is providing for you to prepare, and it is quit possible I am His messagenger telling you to prepare now for what is to come. #4 actually is a version of #1.

    My brother and I started a organization ( to help people become aware, prepare and organize. It has been one of the hardest endevours to awaken people I have ever attempted to tackle.

  • Harley

    Excellent and thought-provoking comments, folks. I happen to believe in the rapture, and believe Scripture tells us it is a real and true event for all true believers. I believe in the doctrine of imminence concerning the rapture. That it will come without preamble or warning, and could come at any minute. Most of my fellow Baptists feel roughly the same. My point was that even though the Lord’s return is imminent, there is no guarantee it will happen prior to a collapse of the United States (if that is to happen at all). I believe the collapse is inevitable for many reasons, but most pointedly because the U.S. doesn’t seem to have any place in end-times prophecy, and again, there is an Antichrist who has world domination during the last days. How does he get so much power and authority (yes, I know…the devil) unless the U.S. is a non-factor at that time.
    Believe in God. Trust in Him alone. He is our True Source. All these things are essential. My point was, use the brains he has given you. Prepare and take care of your loved ones. Wisely use the funds He has given you. Do what is right and necessary, but try with all your might to keep Him first.
    Doug is right, it is the “love of money” that is the root of all evil, not money itself.

  • SadMan

    As a Gospel Preacher, and able to read the original Greek New Testament. I would agree with the above comment and article.

    The word or even idea “rapture” is NOT in the N.T.(usually twisted from Matt. 24, where there is a discussion on the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70).

    It really is that simply, some have twisted it all to fit their doctrine. Others than cherry pick it (as w/ other passages like 1 Tim 6:10 they leave out the “love of money” part).

    It carries the same fatalism as the muslim “en-shalah” … which is equivelant to our teenager saying “yeah…what-ever…” Which we all know is wrong.

    The Lord clearly teaches that everything we do is all about PREPARATION. Prepare in this life, and prepare for the next life. But when you prepare in this life do NOT loose focus on God.

    God helps us by giving us the wisdom (through His Word) to do this or not to do that, etc.

    PREPARE! Then when it all happens, use what you have to further God’s work in a continuing preparation for what comes after this life.

  • Tea Parties? Marches? Revolution? Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give death” turned from willing to die for liberty to willing to kill for liberty! Have we crossed that line yet? Armed revolution is not an option. The British and the Colonists both had muskets. Now the citizen’s best weapon is maybe an M-16 rifle – the government has an F-16 fighter …plus!

    The Spirit is warning us that it is time to separate ourselves like the Pilgrims did from the persecution. The prudent man foresees the evil and hides, but the simple pass on and are punished. But believers

    fearfully say, “Where are we to go? There is no ‘New World’!”

    1. We move our families to localities that have a majority of Christian residents.

    2. We remove our children from the public schools, and we accept no government subsidies. (Twenty states are currently writing resolutions to re-assert their sovereignty they gave up by accepting federal monies).

    3. We endeavor to free ourselves from debt and the death grip (def. of ‘mortgage’) of the banks, and owe no man anything but love.

    If the faithful wait until the courts in America ban the Bible, believers will be singled out. Or we can band together (“Hang together or we will surely hang separately”. – B. Franklin) as citizens of Heaven and force the government to recognize our enclaves as nations much like the Indian nations. The only alternative to forced separation from our loved ones in already-built FEMA camps would be to start a religious reservation where we would be free to worship our Lord, the father of our savior, Jesus Christ. And the reward of being separated would be the blessings according to Deuteronomy 28 and not the curses we see crushing most of America. Chose you this day whom you will serve. Read more at

  • Mr. S.

    Proverbs 22:3 – A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

  • Second Hand Lion

    I take that my position on the Rapture of the Church has stirred some thought in others. To brothers in Christ, please don’t read into my skeptical trust in the interpretation of the Lords Return for His bride, that, I am convinced of, my point should have been made clearer by saying that our trust should not be in the “rapture of the church” but in Him. Since we don’t know the day or hour, preparing is a prudent act that does not diminish the Lord’s provision, nor call into question my level of trust. My comments are more in context of #4, the same fellow christians that won’t prepare because they are trusting in Jesus returning for us before things get really bad are the same who are putting money monthly into a 401K for retirement. They are preparing for their retirement which stares all of us in the face but they don’t want to face the real possibility that economic collapse may occur before Jesus returns for them. Does that muddy the water or clear it?

  • Harley

    Second Hand Lion,
    Perfectly clear, my friend, and well put. I must admit that at first I was hesitant to send in an article with “religious overtones” as some would put it, but I am refreshed to find so many brothers and sisters in Christ on this website. Especially refreshed to find a willingness to talk about such a controversial topic as the rapture as “gentlemen” as you all have done. We may not all agree on the doctrine of the rapture, but we can agree (I think) on God’s sovereign nature and love for his people.
    Your note is right on the mark. Trust in the Lord, and even in the rapture (snatching away, rapturo, harpazo, etc.), but don’t bet your family on your belief that the Lord will return prior to things in this country (or anywhere) taking a major turn for the worse. That was my point all along. Use the wisdom He has given you!
    Thanks, all.

  • twisted titan

    Another thing worth mentioning about the ostrich approach.

    When you stick your head in the sand…….you leave your @$$ fully exposed.

    How accurate indeed.

  • Andrew

    On the rapture…
    Yes, I too believe in the rapture of the church. However, I also believe that the American church will have to go through a period of suffering, unparalleled with anything ever experienced. We have NOT suffered in this country for our faith. That MUST occur – as a purging is needed to weed out the chaff from the wheat – the true bride, before we are “pulled outta here.” So, we must prepare, because I believe it will get very bad for all of us, but particularly, followers of Christ. The rest of the church around the world has suffered and to this day suffers even death for their faith, while we, squander our money and resources on ourselves. We are focused on materialism and put ourselves on the throne of our hearts instead of Christ, and we will pay for that.

  • Ken

    Why are there no spaces after commas in this whole webpage? Is it just my browser settings?

    I want to send this article around because it is GREAT, but it is darn near unreadable.

    I’m using Firefox 5.0.1

    • Silver Shield

      Programming problem with my Atahualpa theme that I can’t fix.
      I am waiting for an update.

  • Crustyrusty

    I believe that Christians will be spared *God’s* wrath in the end times through the rapture, however, that doesn’t mean that we won’t have to suffer through things going to hell in a handbasket all by themselves in the meantime. So I prepare. If I need to use my preps, then I am grateful to God for His provision. If I’m gone, then whoever stumbles upon my stuff can use it.

  • Thanks for this article. Especially for those of you (which is probably all of us) who know people described in #4 above, my site, which offers a Christian perspective on prepping, might open some eyes and minds:

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  • I?ll immediately take hold of your rss feed as I can not to find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me recognize in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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