14 Reasons To Continue To Buy Gold And Silver

“Wealth is not destroyed….It is merely transferred.”-Larry Bates

Gold may be the desirable woman every man wants, but silver is the girl you bring home to mom
. Often overlooked and unappreciated, silver has moved from its post 2008 crash low of $10/oz. to its present level of $38/oz-a cool 300% appreciation. This movement includes the obvious price suppression fraud perpetrated by the COMEX in May when it raised margin requirements five times in an attempt to spook investors, flush out those holding long-term futures contracts, and to protect the largest holder of silver short contracts, JPMorgan. The margin changes were very effective in knocking the price down from $49.70/oz. to just below $33/oz.Yes, silver is manipulated in perpetuity, but, in the end, she is worth it. With price consolidation now over, I believe the time has come to buy more.

“One never knows exactly how the markets will unfold, but my sense is that we only have several more days of silver in the 30s,” Turk told King World News. “Once silver clears $38 on a closing basis, you are going to get back into the mid 40s in a heartbeat.”-James Turk-7/13/11

For thousands of years, silver, like gold, has been sound money, a viable alternative to worthless paper IOUs and the self-destructive monetary policy of government. This is where the comparisons stop. Ninety percent of all the gold ever mined is still in existence. Silver, on the other hand, is routinely discarded after use. Specifically, it is not cost effective to retrieve the silver in old cell phones or computers, etc. As recently as 2008, the United States Geological Survey(USGS) stated that, at current rates of production, there is less minable silver in the earth than any other metal. Moreover, Less than ten percent of gold is used in industrial applications whereas silver is one of the most important industrial metals today. Silver is the best conductor of electricity, surpassing even copper. Every laptop, desktop computer, stereo, ipad, cell phone, and tablet all require silver. It’s used in batteries, solar panels, water purification systems,brazing and soldering,textiles, military hardware, medical applications,jewelry, photography and, of course, our favorite, bullion coins. Emerging markets will require even more silver than will be readily available in the coming years. Suffice it to say, this baby is gonna explode! Industrial usage exceeding yearly mined supply, accepted, proven monetary value, price manipulation keeping the price low for buyers, and geopolitical upheaval all add up to the investment chance of a lifetime! The incontrovertible proof of the decline of Western civilization is now upon us.

  1. Debt per household in the U.S. now totals well over $500,000.
  2. The United States now has the widest wealth disparity between rich and poor in the developed world.
  3. Ben Bernanke all but admitted this week that QE3 would come into play if economic weakness persists in the United States. Certainly, Wednesday’s exchange with Representative Ron Paul about the role of gold in the global economy did nothing to alter those sentiments. I suggest everyone take the time to find the video-Bernanke’s view on gold will shock and disgust you.
  4. The Utah coin act of 2011 recognizes precious metals as legal tender. This bill took effect on May 10. Other states considering precious metals include: Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana and Washington.
  5. The state government of Minnesota is currently shut down. Obviously, a resolution is imminent, but this incident amplifies just how feckless state government has become.
  6. The debt ceiling saga in Washington is playing out exactly as the globalists want further arresting economic growth.
  7. NATO will soon be invading Libya.
  8. The ongoing crises in Europe continue to threaten the Euro and every other worthless piece of fiat paper money. The bankster contagion has now spread to Italy, Portugal and Spain.
  9. Japan,the world’s third largest economy, is still in the throes of a crisis at its Fukushima nuclear facility. Radioactive meat is now circulating in Japanese markets.
  10. India plans to import 350 tons of gold and 1,200 tons of silver in the coming months. China’s need for industrial silver is also exploding, as is its appetite for both gold and silver investment. Over two billion people will be major players in the precious metals market for decades to come-CHA-CHING!
  11. Switzerland’s Parliament will soon discuss the gold franc as a parallel currency to the Swiss franc.
  12. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently referred to Ben Bernanke as a hooligan and criticized the Fed’s QE policy. Yes, the rest of the world is tiring of America’s free money handout to the banksters. The Federal Reserve is now the largest holder of our debt!
  13. Nations like Russia and China are trading in each other’s currencies bypassing the USDollar. The days of the USDollar as the world’s reserve currency are numbered.
  14. Three of the largest oil fields in the world are in a state of rapid, permanent decline. GHAWAR OIL FIELD- Saudi Arabia BERGEN OIL FIELD-Kuwait CANTARELL OIL FIELD- Mexico The overarching economic consequences of Peak Oil can no longer be denied.

“A geopolitical impact is on the horizon. The Saudis cannot increase output. The Petro-Dollar defacto standard is built on Saudi oil, whose volume is far less than believed. They have a dead elephant oilfield in Ghawar, details in the private reports. The Bernanke speech that cited numerous exogenous factors, plus the OPEC stalemate, seems to provide the Gold & Silver price the lit fuse for rising. The Petro-Dollar requires USMilitary protection of the Saudi royal billionaires. They are busy cutting deals for Persian Gulf security from China and Russia. It requires control of oil supply by the Saudis. It requires a US$-based purchase & sale of crude. All three requirements are slowly vanishing. The Petro-Dollar is dying a slow death. With its disappearance will come the Third World to the United States.”-Jim Willie-6/9/11


USGS data suggests that gold and silver will be the two metals we will run out of first. Gold reserves will likely be exhausted in thirty years, and silver in twenty-five.

Don’t Tread on Me has many, many articles on silver, and I certainly do not wish to belabor the point on its importance, but I can no longer contain my enthusiasm. Not only should ordinary citizens buy metals, especially silver, every month, they also should shun all paper investments, be it 401k, pensions, or bonds. Inflation will continue to confiscate the value of these assets over time, and the banking system is so debt ridden and broken that the likelihood of this money being available once the system collapses is suspect. Locking your hard-earned money up in a risky fiat vehicle with little yield for years simply makes no sense anymore. Your money should be nearby and easily accessible at all times.

Every personal misfortune has a silver lining it is said. Who would have ever thought that that lining would be the metal itself. Keep buying, embrace the price manipulation and volatility as opportunity to accumulate more, and continue to have faith.

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”-Ron Paul

11 comments to 14 Reasons To Continue To Buy Gold And Silver

  • doug

    Amen and continue to have faith.Scott any thought on going back to the gold standard and how it would be implemented, as would it be a year of jubilee and all debt forgiven or would the banksters want the fiat debts to be paid back in gold and silver?Just wondering if the banksters end game plan is the gold standard…what a wealth transfer huh?,gold for paper debts..sheesh where does it end?

  • Bennie

    Gold may be the desirable woman every man wants,but silver is the girl you bring home to mom. Love it!

  • MCol


    Please answer one question:
    What would happen to metals if a huge oil field was found in the US (or anywhere)?
    The reason I ask is Pastor Lindsey Williams stated just that, well not that one would be found but that the oil field has already been found and it is just a matter of time until it is unleashed.

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  • Second Hand Lion

    I think everyone is going to have a multitude of opinions on that one. From an oil prospective, in my opinion, will have no bearings on the price of gasoline, since we are already running past capacity to refine the oil. There has not been a major oil refinery built in over thirty years, so we could pump oil until we are swimming in it and the price at the pump will be the price at the pump.

    In a status quo scenerio you may have a draw back on PM’s but we really don’t live in a status quo world with the destruction of currencies, do we? If oil is plentiful, supply and demand laws would dictate a price draw back. But did that oil discovery increase the supply of silver or gold. Are currencies still collapsing and demand for alternate mediums of exchange decreasing?

    I think, and it is just what I think, that the basics of supply and demand for precious metals have not changed, nor would they change in light of a huge oil discovery. It would not really change my buying/investing habits since I know the FRN(USD) is destine to reach zero and/or masive inflation will soon be fully realized. Can I take a barrel of oil around and aquire food, water, clothing, etc? I quess someone could create an OIL Certificate, but how would I ever have the option to take possession…..EPA would be all over me for hoarding oil in my garage. :)

  • Mark

    Hi, great articles … I hear a lot of what to do with 401’s, stocks and bonds and agree with this advice … sell them and buy good assets, like G & S.

    However, I have not seen anything on Whole Life Insurance with cash value. What are some ideas or information on this topic?

    Thank You

  • damnitalready

    How are people selling their 401ks to purchase gold and silver? I don’t think you can cash out your 401k while still employed, you’d need to quit first, which for anyone to do in this climate is almost suicide. I’ve been able to move my 401k into a gold fund that invests in gold miners, but other than that, I’m just kinda stuck with where it is… I’ve minimized investment to get the full match (which unfortunately is where our “bonus” goes each year)…

    • Silver Shield

      You are correct if you are employed you cannot get out of it.
      Many are borrowing against that money to extract the money at a low rate and putting it into silver.
      Also stop digging a hole by contributing to it.

      If you have an IRA liquidation is easy.

  • Cory

    Great Article! If I only have 1oz of gold and the rest in silver, is it a good idea to sell the 1oz of gold and buy more silver or should I just hold onto the 1oz of gold? I know silver will has the greatest potential.

  • Second Hand Lion

    I have borrowed the max, extended the loan out as for as allowed, paying myself 4.5% of the money I’ll never see, but have made 106% on silver since doing so.

    Wife cashed out her IRA, which was a 401 convert, paid the penalty and tax, have already made that back and some, now we own our future and asset, not some piece of paper with a promise.

    Borrow the money from yourself (401k) do not listen to the pundits ;ike Dave Ramsey who say it stupid to do it, its stupid not to. if you can, get out and put it in physical, not more paper……as the ad goes JUST DO IT!

  • tax2death

    my 14 year old son has 1,800 in savings bonds my father has given him. If cashed in now he would get about 1,100. is it a good idea for him to cash them and buy silver?

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