A Great Video To Wake People Up

I created this video a couple of years ago to help people see, in very simple terms, our reality. So often the best tales and jokes are ones in which we can relate to on a deeper level. We find ourselves saying, “so true.” Many have a hard time seeing the truth about themselves, but can instantly see the truth in others. Stories are a great way for us to see the reality we refuse or can’t see.

Take a couple of minutes to watch this video and please share it with everyone you know.


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  • Harley

    And a great way to wake up this morning! Thanks Silver Shield, great analogy! I hope and pray it goes down that way for us “ants” one day! I also would hope it never has to come to that, but I guess the grasshoppers are going to force our hand one day, won’t they?

  • Silver Shield- a great number of people ARE waking up.
    We are conducting a survey to determine what percentage of those who plan on voting for Ron Paul in 2012 did not vote for him in 2008 (i.e. woke up between late 2008 and today).
    Results so far are pretty amazing…almost twice as many people plan on voting for Paul in 2012 for the first time than those who voted for Paul in 2008 and plan to again!


    • Silver Shield


      Ron Paul was definitely the man the lit the fire underneath my feet!

      Just like silver if everyone knew what I know about Ron Paul he would win in a land slide.

      When we get a settled field of contenders and closer to the election time I plan on focusing all of my energy on helping Dr. Paul.

  • Ray

    For Ron Paul to be considered for POTUS we have to make sure he wins the primary and this is where the problem lays. Most people who’d vote for Ron Paul are not registered Republicans and can’t vote in the primary.

  • James Woroble Jr

    And now for a little professional advice…

    Ex-CIA Agent Explains How Bloggers Can “Dump Congress On Its Ass”

    EX-CIA agent explains how bloggers can dump congress on their ass by getting out the truth the government doesn’t want the people to know.



    Good vid, like it.

    Cartoons are excellent for making complex & abstract topics seem friendly & approachable.

    Keep it up…

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