Isn’t learning fun? Getting the Chemistry Right

When we are truly learning it is.  Reason why is because of the chemicals secreted in the brain make us feel high, in fact everything is chemicals……….highs, lows, even sleep.  Getting that way artificially robs us of the joy of accomplishment, the feeling of building self-reliance, and sense of knowing that I am complete; empowered to go after what I want.  So why do school systems cram information into children, test them and assign grades for following directions and recalling disjointed factoids that jam the brain with non-essentials?

To disconnect us!  To separate us from that which we possess and make it foreign to us.  The right hemisphere from the left, the inner knower from the known.  We learn to think from the outside in rather than feel from the inside out.  That way we forget and obey and follow.  We learn to see and create from the world of effects rather than create from cause.  We learn to believe what we see rather than learn to trust in ourselves and have our own vision.  Anyone with an original idea is seen as an inconvenience, a distraction.  A unique child (you) begins to doubt himself, feel inadequate and loses self-respect.  Finally, in the teen years, most of us resign, albeit subconsciously, and seek only to fit in (which we never do) and get lost in a maze of choices, none of which really pulls our cork under!  But then, we learned not to complain and  to just want what everybody in the elite marketplace has. 

PARENTS:  BEWARE WHAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE REALLY LEARNING IN SCHOOL.  IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT THEY ARE GRADED ON!   I was a good student  too, and I lost myself along the way.  I learned to fight back though, piece by piece.  And having been subject to doing what I don’t want to do, I learned not to do that again.  It has actually made me stonger.  But I diverge.

In organic educare, we never make the disconnect.  In fact, children who grow from the inside out never experience themselves as separate.  There is nothing to fight against.  I am me and you are you and we are altogether.  It is an organic function of our anatomy working with its nature.  Everything flows.  The 2 hemispheres of our brain have different functions:  One feels, senses and knows by uniting with, the other objectifies and thinks about something by separating from it.  We need both to grow.  When the disconnect happens, we rely on the outer world for truth and are easily led to the illusion of greener pastures.  When the block is in place, all kinds of distortions are presented as truth.  Our public education system, by design, gradually separates us from this inner unity and we learn  to adopt a whole set of imprints that pit us against ourselves and each other.

It is best, in this short blog,  to describe this in an example of a 14 year old.                          

I teach natural horsemanship to teens with the intent to allow their experience with the horse to teach them something about themselves.  We learn how to define our space and then interact with another through cues and pressure points.  It centers them in their bodies, not their heads.  They have to feel.  They have to relate.  They have to interact in a conscious way to bring about what they want.  They learn that they are in control through partnership.  But I never teach that.  The horse does.  But I do teach them to imagin they are ice cream melting onto the horse and to feel their hips moving with the hips of the horse.

What happens on the way back into town is that our conversation centers around how we feel and what we learned.  It is very easy to recall what one has learned if a physical body activity has taken place where one unites with the experience of learning rather than just talk about it through a book or words on a paper or even on a blog!   There is an undeniable sense of knowing something when you are physically involved, not recalling what someone said or did secondhand.

One of the boys who is 14 and rather sheepish and sullen and non-conversant only had 3 lessons.  He was afraid, then relaxed, then exuberant by his 3rd lesson.  His body was alive but relaxed.  I commented on this on the way home and he said, “I thought I was doing everything wrong.”

I said, “How can that be when you looked so at ease and in control?’

He said, “Well, that’s because I thought I was doing it all wrong, but I felt I was doing everything right!”

For the most part of his life, Keegan has believed his thinking.  His actions show that.  But in the actual desire to connect to the horse, he connects with himself.  He unites with a part of himself that his thinking had been denying him. 

Dare I say, we are in the same boat with Keegan?  People might look at Keegan and think he doesn’t have what it takes to ride that horse (be in this world).  We might believe the same of ourselves (and others) if we look in the mirror and only think like we have always thought.  Afterall we were conditioned to believe that the government is our friend and it will take care of us if we are good citizens and follow the rules.  Now the applecart has tipped over and a big mess is all around us and…………..where are we?  How did we get here?  What are we going to do about it?  Who are we, anyway?  Getting beyond conditioned reaction to events is our next step. Conditioned victims or raving maniacs.  Fight or flight. 

The challenge is here, the experience is upon us.  What do we do? 

We can stop the movie and insert something different that gives a more desired ending to the movie,  if only we can stop the movie long enough to create something different.   Hollywood has been suggesting this for some time now with alternate endings to their movies to show a different future with one frame being different.  It has been said that there are many probable futures, vectors of probabilites.  The elites play with this knowledge regularly.  What they didn’t expect was for us to awaken from the programming and start creating our own future!

We can feel the inner parts of ourselves connected to something greater, we relax and say…………….. “yes”   

Something is rising to the surface.  something that we dismissed yet it did not die.  (It was just sleeping)

Something  is arising in everyone, yes I said everyone.  It is just that we cannot see it yet, BUT WE FEEL IT! 

 It has no words, yet.

But we can feed it, by first pulling out the imprints of our master enslavers as we detect them.  And replace them with the knowledge that comes from within.

Close your eyes. …………slip into your saddle…………practice journeying inwards.

Knowing is a feeling.                                          Remember……………….

Trust it……………..because very soon we will all open our eyes…………………………………….. and ride!        Our mount is waiting………..

coming up next:  How the Ancient people of Russia conquered the Roman Army on horseback one afternoon!

3 comments to Isn’t learning fun? Getting the Chemistry Right

  • twisted titan

    Interesting article…….I look forward to future materials


  • Kevin Brown

    Great article! Looking foward to more awareness in the world.

  • Silver Shield

    The ultimate battle is in our head.
    So much has been done to break us down into little obedient workers it is no wonder depression and obesity is rampant.

    This coming collapse will free us from the insanity of this paradigm.
    Unfortunately the whole of society is utterly unprepared.

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