We Are Destined to Make a Difference

When we hold the reality of the world situation in our heads, we fight, we protest, we rebel, we pray, we donate to causes we hope will make a difference.                                                                                                                            

What other choice do we have?

Holding the reality that we face with courage in our hearts, we proceed without fear of consequence.  The puppet masters don’t expect this from their carefully strung puppets.  We are expected to follow along in the footsteps they have put in place for us, trusting more in what we see as choices, than in what we don’t see.    But it is not up to others or outer circumstances to decide our destiny.  We have been victims in someone else’s creation.  Recall the final scene in The Truman Show where Truman (True Man) realizes he is in someone else’s creation?  He had to follow his instincts, his chosen footprints to find his way out.  I highly recommend the comedy.

Inside the heart is a hidden dialogue.  Be still.  Pump the wisdom.  Notice how things change.  We are not little in light and heart.  We are destined to make a difference.  There is an important step to take first….re~membering.

We are not blind victims in a con game, we have come into this world with our eyes wide open and our hearts intact.

Each new thought more powerful than the one before, as we move in vibration to see the surprising choices as they are displayed on the inner computer screen.  We are being asked to go beyond what we can conceive.  Where will we get the confidence to go beyond our limited beliefs about who we are and what we have been taught?

This story is related in the Anastasia Book Series. Anastasia claims to be a descendant of these ancient Russian people.

When the Roman Army invaded what is now Northern Russia, 3000 rode in full armour both horse and rider.  Clankity-clank.  The indigenous people heard them coming from along way off and gathered to decide whether to fight or flee.  It was decided to fight.   (Having been left to themselves in the high mountains, over generations these ancient ones had developed a very fine art of fighting;  never to kill, which was a disgrace, but only to disarm.)  Although they were small in number, they rode their mounts into the enemy lines, dismounting all the Roman soldiers with their heavy armour in a very short time and galloped off.  The Roman soldiers, who only knew to follow orders, were easily tossed to the ground by those who rode with inner authority and flexibility.

The next day,  humiliated by the defeat, orders were given to charge into the upper plateau and subdue them forcefully.  (bad idea)  The Russians heard them clamouring and again had a meeting, but this time they decided to “flee.”  They trotted their ponies up a few hills and waited.  The weight of the soldiers in full armour plus the weight of their own armour made the Roman horses tire from the forced aggressive attack mode that their riders dictated.   (reacting to humiliation)   When the Romans were within a stone’s throw, the Russians galloped their fresh ponies at full speed, disappearing into the wind.

There were legends of these nomads.  It was said that they were not of this world and possessed some kind of magic.  No one could conquer them so they were left alone.  Anastasia says that her ancestors kept  their spirit in tack by living with and not against anything.  They didn’t think in terms of separation.  There was no concept of it.  They lived in Unity with everything.  They knew no different.   They were It.

There are also legends of these people from the surrounding areas.  Some say that so many of the Roman soldiers were humbled from the experience that they threw down their armour and vowed never to fight again.  Some say that this defeat was the beginning of the end of Roman Empire.

7 comments to We Are Destined to Make a Difference

  • Larry Morse

    Where’s the other side of this story? Thousands of rockets fired into Israel by Palistinians killing Israelis? This film is somthing I’d expect from ABC, NBC or CBS.

  • Marijan

    Oh no. David Lizard Icke. Silver Shiled why is this lizard here? I think that is better to go to 5th dimension and listen him there then give him space here.

    • Silver Shield

      David can be a bit out there with the Lizard people thing but he does provide a great insight on higher level emotional thinking.

      “Listen to all.
      Follow none.
      Walk your path the best you can. ”

      Silver Shield

  • Chante

    It is the story I intended to communicate.
    Sorry to distract you with David Icke’s video
    I removed it.

  • Joe

    Thanks Chante.
    I have enjoyed your posts, and look forward to more.

  • When you were a little baby- Let’s say you’re in your crib and you’re just getting old enough to look around the room and sense others as they pass or stop by to visit:

    You knew everything about that person as they walked by; no secret could be kept from you, every little detail- no way to hide it! You were born with that natural ability.

    That is what we lost in all that White noise of ‘growing up.’

    We are all aware of the obvious in our society; the signs,the changes, the palpable feeling that something big is going to happen – but how to reckon the meaning in our heads so we can make sense of it?

    Perhaps we need to go back and (feel our way forward?) try to find the Creator who gave us this gift, then we will reclaim our birthright and see the Garden once again…

    Whether ‘The garden’ is some esoteric place or even just a free market economy such as we had between the years of 1820-1890, it sure would be refreshing; wouldn’t it? :)

    Charles Patterson

  • matt

    Chante, would you mind posting the video in a comment because I am interested in checking it out

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