20 Milliseconds Or 20 Months, And What’s The Difference?

There isn’t a soul around that can truly predict how this paradigm will unfold or when the next one emerges.  Over the next twenty months you should expect many new-agers pronouncing the certainty of  the Aztec prophesy, and also numerous warnings regarding the intrinsic vulnerability of your electronic assets.  Which time-frame is true, and does it matter?  In the sense of the product, it probably doesn’t, but the time-frame does have significant influence over the process.  Let’s explore the first extreme: 20 milliseconds.

The Sun is currently entering an irregular cycle of activity resulting in significant solar flare output. In 1869 a flare from such-a-cycle hit the earth rendering the primitive Telegraph system redundant, and although this affected some people, the masses were completely unaware it had happened.  Imagine if one was to hit today or tomorrow.  All computerized systems would be rendered useless in-an-instant, and it would be pointless to repair them in hope of keeping the old paradigm, as by the time it took to undertake the repairs the new paradigm would have already emerged.  Unlike in 1869, the masses would be affected – significantly so in fact.  Firstly, all electronic assets and liabilities would be wiped from existence along with any other data/information stored on computer.  Secondly, most transport vehicles utilize computerized systems and so we’d all be dependent upon horses and bicycles to get-around.

A man-made EMP, significant earth-shift, or  a computer super-virus such as STUXNET could have the same effect: instant removal of this paradigm.  The initial panic would be immense, and many would be wandering around like headless-chickens whilst still attempting to use small pieces of plastic to purchase goods or passage home.  Riots would be immediate, and chaos would be absolute in the short-term.  This scenario is a significant probability, and you should consider strategies to cope with such an event.  I cannot see a hyper-inflationary event under such conditions as only a mere few percent of currency is in the form of notes and coins.  In fact, it would be the largest deflationary event in the history of mankind, and no government could print the quintillions of dollars to substitute the destruction of electronic dollars, pounds, yuan etc as they would need to ‘carpet the earth’ with paper notes to do so.  Hyper-inflation is a real possibility in a drawn-out scenario though.

Assuming electronic wealth isn’t ‘taken-out’ by a solar flare, EMP, computer super-virus etc, then the transfer of wealth would be a strategic affair for many. All the ‘paper millionaires’ will be purchasing gold and silver bullion, and there will be many more people ‘flipping’ silver, just like many were ‘flipping’ houses in the previous decade.  The silver bullion you hold will be steadily bid-up and many will become tempted to cash-out to purchase property, business’ etc, and this is a decision that’s ultimately yours to make.  I cannot see a German style hyper-inflation in this scenario; any hyper-inflation at this point requires digital assets to still exist, and so images of people carrying around wheelbarrows full of paper notes is extremely unlikely.  As stated, only a small fraction of currency is hard-cash, and if all currency was currently hard-cash we’d be swimming in the stuff already.

Whichever time-frame occurs, you should always remember that the trend is a return to tangible assets. So you should be stocking-up on tangible assets and removing all your wealth from electronic storage.  Why keep the fruits-of-your-labor in the bank anyway, what, for a pitiful few percent in interest?  Starve-the-beast, and protect yourself by at least storing your insidious debt-based fiat currency in the form of paper notes and coins and not at a bank.  Purchase silver, and treasure it as you would if it was gold.

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