Fractal Sovereignty

Members of the Sons of Liberty Academy know that epic changes are at hand. The dominant system is decaying before our eyes, but we are prepared. We have food and water for our families, we have guns for protection, we have silver and gold to preserve our wealth, we have relocated if necessary, and we have learned useful skills to survive and prosper.

But what comes after collapse? As the old paradigm crumbles under its own weight, what will fill the vacuum? Already, a quiet revolution is taking place, seeping into the cracks of the crumbling system. A new paradigm characterized by decentralization is emerging. We can make it the new dominant system.

We know that any form of centralized power attracts the few psychopaths among our population like a magnet. Even when hierarchical structures are created by good people with good intentions, they eventually become corrupt. Once the top of the pyramid is co-opted, the lower levels are infiltrated by sociopaths, until the whole structure becomes a ruthless organization, bent on power or profit at any cost. Eventually these soulless organizations become so arrogant and bloated that they are overtaken by leaner, meaner competition. This cycle will continue until the resources of our planet are consumed and its environment destroyed — unless the very structure of society is changed.

A decentralized social structure has a minimum of concentrated power points. Individual power is preferred over local power, local over regional, regional over national, national over global. By default, power is allowed to increase its range of influence only when there is a compelling reason such as mutual defense; and then only when safeguards are put in place to restrict its scope. Decentralized structures go by many names, such as peer-to-peer or P2P. Another suggestive adjective is holographic, referring to the property of holograms that the whole can be rebuilt from any part — there is no single point of vulnerability. But the phrase I like best is fractal sovereignty, meaning sovereignty at every scale, starting with individual sovereignty or liberty and on up through families, communities, regions and nations.

Decentralization is applicable to almost every subsystem that makes up our society: manufacturing, agriculture, health, education, government, defense, money and banking, communication and information, and even religion. Each of these subsystems is currently crippled by a concentration of power in the hands of some of the worst examples of human beings. Systems with distributed power and resources are more robust and resilient, more flexible and adaptable, capable of greater innovation and resistant to catastrophic failure.

Some specialization is beneficial and sometimes “economies of scale” are useful, but the benefits of both have been exaggerated. Many overspecialized individuals and businesses find themselves obsolete and unable to adapt. Many large-scale industries justify themselves with efficiency arguments that don’t stand up when hidden environmental, resource, and social costs are considered. We need to find a new balance, built into our very social fabric, that guards against excessive concentration of power, wealth and influence and all the distortions, inefficiencies, and injustices that inevitably follow.

In future articles I will provide some details of the quiet revolution taking place in our society. Now that we are prepared for the worst, we can begin building a better world for ourselves and our children by joining or contributing to whatever decentralization/sovereignty project interests us — and there are many worthwhile ones to chose from.

This world could be a paradise compared to its current condition. There are enough resources available so that every human being alive now could be clothed, fed, sheltered, and have meaningful work; and there would be enough abundance to support great advances in our civilization such as travel to the stars. The only thing standing in the way is an outdated mindset based on disempowerment and artificial scarcity. We don’t have to wait for a catastrophe to change our society. We don’t have to wait for a “leader” somewhere to make a plan. We can start creating fractal sovereignty and abundance today, using knowledge and tools that are readily available. More to come.

3 comments to Fractal Sovereignty

  • Scout

    You are absolutely correct, Citizen Doctor. The change begins within each one of us who is willing to claim their sovereignty as individuals, then as communities of like-minded individuals, then at the county level, perhaps as a region within a state, and then at the state level buttressed by the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment. It begins right here, right now with your (the reader’s) commitment along with my own. We are the change we want to see in the world. Action speaks louder than words.

  • I will make my community at home. I’ll maintain relationships that give mutual support and I will treat people with respect.

    I will not believe anything anyone says at face value- yet I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I will try to maintain a balance of alertness and compassion.

    I will try to help everyone in a latent sense; but I will not waste my time (or my limited resources) on the unresponsive.

    Some people are ‘too far gone’ to save…

    I will also be decisive and firm. I will learn (and maintain) skills that might be needed (in a practical sense) to benefit my community.

    When the trucks stop and the power goes off I will be ready, but a strong community requires a network of like-minded strong players.

    If my community does not take what it needs to survive – I may have to leave and seek elsewhere for a healthy community.

    I will (likely) not accept any of the several offers I have had for my niche in a D.U.M.B.

    Anyone who is not ready to face God naked is not ready to face Him at all…

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