SGT Report MSM Silver Is Money

Here is a great video from my friend SGT about a money magazine cover featuring silver.

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  • AMEN! An astute observation from one of the shaper tools in the box…

  • Alex

    Maybe the subliminal message is that it will only take 43 SAE’s to buy the American Dream Home in the future? Naw! That’d be too easy. But it is hidden right in plain sight, just like SGT says. Ya gotta wonder.

  • Kyle

    They want you to spend your silver money to buy their crap.
    That’s the message.

  • booker

    I saw this today at the Jiffy Lube (i do not subscribe to Money Mag.)The picture cought my eye quick as i just got some new 2011 Eagles. And I searched that magazine from cover to cover for the story, the tip, the anything. And not a mention of SLV or anything about silver. I agree, far out. Silver got hit today with paper puchers, hit hard.
    But damn, I just love these Eagles.

  • Mike

    I’d best most people wouldn’t even notice they’re silver eagles.

    Those that do will probably not think past the point that they’re just a “$20 coin”.

    Others will, like the video says, think it’s silver and silver is costing alot of “money” now.

    But 1 out of a million might pick up the irony (their irony) of having a magazine titled Money showing a stack of real money.

    But I like @Alex’s comment, 43 silver eagles will buy you the American dream soon.

  • Zyll

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Silver coins
    Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 11:20:05 -0400
    From: Craig Matters
    To: Zyll

    The coins were meant merely as illustration for the Best Deals and savings cover lines, which is why there was no mention of a silver/gold story on the cover either.

    As for our take on precious metals, MONEY has written more than once that we don’t think they’re great investments. You’ve got to store them and insure them, and they’re not so much “investments” as they are items of speculation. After all, you’re not “investing” in a business’s earnings power or a government entity’s ability to foster progress (which in turn allows it to generate the tax revenue needed to pay its bills and its borrowing.)

    You’re making a bet that people will remain scared, and that you’re smart enough to sell just before they stop being scared. That’s our take, anyway. You can find plenty of intelligent people who disagree, but a couple of guys named Buffett and Munger come down where we do.

    Hope that helps.


    Craig Matters
    Managing Editor

  • It goes back to what you know without cognitively thinking about it.

    We are aware of so much that is important; but we will ignore it through the white noise of distraction.

    In America; the powers that be must trick the populace into doing things they would not normally want to do. They must use sorcery and trickery to influence a compulsive reaction through an agent such as sex, fear, or greed {i.e. the baser instincts}). A cognitive thought is not needed in order to make a decision. This is the goal.

    The result of this kind of system is called a ‘Democracy.’

    Please read C.S. Lewis “The screwtape letters” or any one of the Talmudic tomes for a real eye-opener…

  • John

    Don’t Buffett and Munger have a lot to lose if the status quo (the dollar) continues to lose value? And the silver market is to small for Berkshire Hathaway to make and keep any sizeable investment in it.

    Besides, Buffet did invest in silver at one point (late 90’s). He obviously agreed it was a good play at some point.

    Silver and gold aren’t really investments. They are more a savings tool than anything.

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