Blatant Silver Manipulation Caught Red Handed!

Great quick video on the mini smack down yesterday in the silver market. 250,000,000 paper ounces of silver were sold in a minute. That was a 1/4 of the global annual production of silver. And they were only able to smack it down a buck or so before we fully recovered. At the beginning of May the shorted 8,000,000,000 paper ounces or 8x the global annual production of silver to knock silver down $15+.

The key thing here is that this is all a paper fantasy. There are only 26 million ounces in the registered vaults of the CRIMEX. No one deposited and sold 1oX that amount in real physical silver. This game will continue until there is a failure to deliver and from that moment on the physical market will render the paper market completely irrelevant.

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  • Matt

    The guys are the CFTC must get their heads read. How many years of investigation with nothing!!! One day the guys on wall street will be hung for basically making an element from the periodic table go extinct with their paper games!

  • kevinace

    Hi Chris
    this is a must watch video,shows how these elitist crooks operate.Any further thoughts on who is behind the Hong kong market that opens friday?,if not “the banksters” then we are going to witness some battle especially if the new exchange operates legal and correct.
    Keep stacking brothers and help end the elites debt based monetary con.

  • ewkeane

    this goes right along with the thing about how much silver comex claims to have, and how that supply has been dwindling for some years now.
    is some of this paper to be held by dead hands who have no intent on cashing in and taking delivery?
    if so, is that fair play?
    at the vary least, we can get the us market to absorb dwt, to day witnessing a man, a stranger to me, making his second silver eagle purchase in two days, for 45frn in paper money. he was all smiles, and i shook his hand at his wise purchase.
    if there is to be a bubble let it be in paper, as that is where bubbles is. fake money chasing real objects, cut and dry.
    maybe one day it may take the amount of paper money sold at scrap weights to trade for dwt in silver. maybe 240 pounds of notes, i reckon.
    i havent looked at ebay for a while, but i suppose they are ahead of the paper market, too. i think after some time we will have to deal with silver consumers, but hey, we are the guys that are holding onto this stuff for them. they ought to be glad that someone is paying the storage and management fees for them!
    i like brotherjohnf, and derek, too.
    and this site, too!
    thank you very much for this forum.

  • Silver Shield


    I put in 10 questions into their director of communication today.
    It will be interesting if they respond and most certainly the answers they provide.

  • kevinace

    Yes it will be an interesting can of worms,either it is just another vehicle of the globalists or a independant challenge to their control.If you receive answers it will give us clues to how the paper market manipulation will play out.

  • Second Hand Lion

    Should it not be a matter of public record of a transaction this large, who made the sale?
    Just wondering

  • Bob

    This was a great vid, like all of Brother John F’s Youtube vids. I do not miss a single one.

  • Harley

    It was a great vid. I was wondering what happened yesterday. It got my attention, even tho I’m in it for the long haul. Thanks for the very helpful explanation!

  • ewkeane

    i kinda think that there is a team that is trading the same bar of Ag back and forth on paper, rigging bidding with deep pockets of cash and credit that has no basis in reality. i think that its kinda like money laundering. they are effectively keeping the price low, over time, by setting back gains with sharp dips.
    perhaps there is a means to audit this comex hoard. to even suggest an audit, however, could cause a lack of confidence in paper markets and an increase in delivery rates. that would be nice.
    anyone who has some kind of stake in comex ought to demand an audit by an outside investigator. and for heavens sake, take delivery!

  • James Woroble Jr


    Gold Confiscation Act in the Works

    I just received information from an inside source that they are in fact writing the legislation for a new gold confiscation act. I expect this to happen this fall. Here is how I see things playing out:

    1. Executive Order, signed by Obama, that makes the ownership of gold a criminal offense.

    2. Those that own gold will be instructed to surrender it in exchange for a set dollar amount.

    3. Gold Confiscation will be sold to the general public as a necessary step to stabilizing the dollar and a return to the gold standard.

    4. Ownership of gold will be sold as “unpatriotic” and “anti-American”.

    5. The act will be enforced by the United States Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service.

    The Satanic Psychopaths have stolen our homes, our jobs and our life savings, placing many Americans on the receiving end of a government check. Those that they control through our tax dollars, and those that work for the Federal government will embrace this legislation. They will see it as a way to continue their current source of income.

    The Satanists also use jealousy and class warfare as their favorite weapon. Gold owners will be treated as “domestic terrorists” that want to bring down the United States economy.

    As I have said repeatedly. Sell your gold and buy silver. Email me at


    [*] TIFWIW… Among my many friends and associates in the minting and bullion industry in the west, Drockton has a less than stellar rep.

    • Silver Shield

      This confiscation logic is insane to me.

      It is the equivalent of throwing your guns down a well in hope of not angering an invading army.

      Our wealth is under attack and Silver is our best defense.

  • While confiscating gold at the current price level would do little to repair our currency/economic problem. In confiscation I see our gov’t. suddenly (revaluing) gold AFTER they have it all (or most of it anyway), as they did back in 1933. If they were to revalue gold at $10,000 or 20 or 50 or 100K an ounce they could now say that our money is on a gold standard.

    Don’t put it past the bastards to do something extremely devious,low and underhanded. It isn’t as if it would be without precedent after all. I fully expect that whatever solution they (elite) come up with to right our current dilemma. It will leave more than a few of us slack-jawed and saying “WTF a new low.” Even for them, desperate times, call for desperate actions you know.
    Keep Stacking

    • America is not Fine not even close to being Fine . The days of the US$ being the worlds Sov. Currency are driawng to a close. As soon as Europe runs out of Countries to throw under a bus, the spot light will be thrown on America and Japan. When that happens, America, the US$ is screwed. The price of everything in the USA will rise 5 fold in the space of two or three years. Thats the best case scenario.

  • I want to ask everybody how it feels to be under the light living in this petri dish?

    How does it feel to be ‘poked about and fucked-with’?

    All the ‘observers’ think you’re an interesting subject.

    These manipulators are living in their own petri dish with controllers just as we are. After that, it goes on for a bit like the old flea joke; ad infinitum…

    OK, just a little bit at a time so they can fit it all in… 😉

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